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Rules and SOPs
Rules and Regulations Standard Operating Procedures

  CTO Business Rules SOPRequired procedures to be followed for all travel reservations at NPS and interactions with SATO.
NPS Instruction for Honoraria Fund Cite SOP
FY16 Fund Cite Form
Fund cites are issued by a command when paying for the travel of a DoD traveler from another command. The fund cites can be incoming to a command or outgoing from a command.
 Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) and Appendices
(Apply to both DTS military and civilian travel,
as of 1 October 2014)
 Honoraria SOPA procedure for the authorization of payment of a fee for service rendered by a lecturer/panelist. Honoraria are intended for one-time events only.
NPS Instruction 4001.3 - Gift of Travel   Gift of Travel SOP
Fact Sheet
Forwarding Memo
Acceptance Form

Pres Brief Sheet

Ethics Official Memo
A gift of travel occurs when a command accepts payment(s) from a non-federal source for travel, subsistence or related expenses for a command employee for any function related to official duties. All Gifts of Travel >$12k must be approved by the Director, Navy Staff.
Transportation Manual International SOP
Int'l Travel Program
International travel means the traveler's destination is outside the continental United States (OCONUS.)
Int'l Travel Program is a PowerPoint overview of int'l travel requirements.
 Travel Policy and Procedures (DoDFMR Vol 9) Hard Copy Orders (DD1610)This procedure is to be used to create hard copy orders when DTS is disabled or CBA is unavailable.
NAVY DTS BUSINESS RULES  Local Travel SOPThis procedure is used when local travel is less than 12 hours, and involves no overnight stay.
  Visit Request SOPThis SOP describes the process of arranging for permission for NPS personnel to visit other commands, which is essentially security clearance verification.
Travel Voucher Appeal Process ITA SOPInvitational travel authorizations are issued when a person who is not a federal government employee travels at the expense of NPS.
CNO Directive for Premium Class Travel Int'l. Military Student Travel SOP
Travel Request Worksheet
NAVPTO Bangor 4650/2


EFT Information Sheet

DD Form 1351-2
This procedure is used to create and process hard copy orders for NPS International Military Students (IMS). The five fillable forms required are linked here.
  SF182 SOPThis procedure is used for submitting the required SF 182 form when using Government Purchase Card to pay for conference or training fees. 

FY15 End of Year Guidance

FY2016 Crossover SOP

Guidance for creating travel authorizations at the end of FY 2015, and guidance for those in which the travel extends into or starts in fiscal year 2016. 
  SATO Invoice SOPThe procedure for obtaining an Invoice for an airline ticket purchased through DTS. This Invoice is required to be attached to the voucher as a Substantiating Record . 

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