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Network Science Certificate at NPS

Academic Certificate in Network Science 

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Program Manager
Ralucca Gera, Ph.D.
260 Spanagel Hall, 
Applied Mathematics Department
Naval Postgraduate School

Phone: (831) 656-2230
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Brief Overview
The Academic Certificate in Network Science provides education in the use of mathematical methods for the analysis, understanding, and exploitation of complex networks. Network Science has emerged as an area critical to the success of the mission of the Navy and the Department of Defense because of the central role it plays in cyber-security, network-centric warfare, and other related areas of critical interest. A thorough understanding of the underlying mathematics is essential for the correct interpretation and further development of practical methods, models, and approaches to problems involving complex networks. The certificate program is designed to provide that very background. Upon successful completion of the course work, students will be awarded a certificate of accomplishment in keeping with standard practices of the Naval Postgraduate School.

Requirements for Entry
Prospective students must have taken a discrete mathematics class at NPS (or equivalent from other institutions).  The preferred class is:
MA3025 - Logic and Discrete Mathematics (4-1) Offered in the Fall and Spring quarters
MA3025 provides a rigorous foundation in logic and elementary discrete mathematics to students of mathematics and computer science. Topics from logic include modeling English propositions, propositional calculus, quantification, and elementary predicate calculus. Additional mathematical topics include elements of set theory, mathematical induction, relations and functions, and elements of number theory.
Prerequisite: MA1025 or MA2025

Entry Date
Program entry dates are flexible and students who wish to pursue this certificate should coordinate with the program manager. Generally students enter start it in the Fall quarter.

Program Length
Variable, usually 1 year.

MA Academic Certificate Requirements
To earn the academic certificate students must pass all four courses with a C+ (2.3 Quality Point Rating (QPR)) or better in each course and an overall QPR of 3.0 or better. Students earning grades below these standards will need to retake the courses to bring their grades within standards or they will be withdrawn from the program.

Required Courses

  • MA4027 Graph Theory and Applications (4-0) offered in the Fall quarters
    Advanced topics in the theory of graphs and digraphs. Topics include graph coloring, Eulerian and Hamiltonian graphs, perfect graphs, matching and covering, tournaments, and networks. Application areas with DoD/DoN relevance range from mathematics to computer science and operations research, including applications to coding theory, searching and sorting, resource allocation, and network design. Prerequisites: MA3025.
  • MA4404 Structure and Analysis of Complex Networks (4-0) offered in the Winter quarters
    The course focuses on the emerging science of complex networks and their applications, through an introduction to techniques and models for understanding and predicting their behavior.  The topics discussed will be building mainly on graph theory concepts, and they will address the mathematics of networks, their applications to the computer networks and social networks, and their use in research.  The students will learn the fundamentals of dynamically evolving complex networks, study current research in the field, and apply their knowledge in the analysis of real network systems through a final project.  DoD applications include security of critical communication infrastructure.
  • One of:
    1. MA4400 Cooperation and Competition (4-0) Offered in the Summer quarters
      The course will develop game theoretic concepts in evaluations of the importance of players in bargaining situations and of elements in networks. Topics covered include cooperative and noncooperative games, bargaining, the Shapley Value, and coalitions. The course will study applications to military problems and applications to economics, political science, and biology. There will be extensive reading from the literature. Prerequisites: MA3042, OA3201, and an introductory course in probability.
    2. CS4558 Network Traffic Analysis (3-2). Offered in the Fall quarters
      Explores fundamentals of packet-switched network traffic analysis at the network layer and above as applied to problems in traffic engineering, economics, security, etc. Explores the design and integration of analytic tools and techniques into the fabric of the network including: spatial and temporal anomaly detection, origin-destination matrix estimation, application mix determination, deep-packet inspection, fingerprinting, intrusion detection and insider threat mitigation. Finally, the course covers active defense and offensive methods reliant on traffic analysis. Prerequisites: CS3502 and CS4550 or equivalent.
    3. OA4202 Network Flows and Graphs (4-0) Offered in the Summer quarters
      Introduction to formulation and solution of problems involving networks, such as maximum flow, shortest route, minimum cost flows, and PERT/CPM. Elements of graph theory, data structure, algorithms, and computational complexity. Applications to production and inventory, routing, scheduling, network interdiction, and personnel management. Prerequisite: OA3201.

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