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Graduated Student Information

Now that you have completed your studies there are only a few things left for you to do. Simply follow the instructions below.

Final Transcripts: Upon completion of your degree, you must have an official transcript, noting the degree conferred, forwarded to our office. Only after receipt of this transcript can the appropriate subspecialty code be recommended and entered in your official record. It is your responsibility to follow-up and ensure that the transcript has been received by our office.

Feedback Letter: A letter report assessing your academic accomplishments, and strengths and weaknesses of your program, must be submitted to Superintendent (Code 031A) and mailed to the address below. The report helps evaluate the quality of education you received. A sample feedback letter can be found here.

Thesis: If applicable you are to send an electronic copy of your thesis to your respective Ed Tech. Previously expenses related to the printing and binding of thesis were reimbursable, however, we no longer require bound copies and no longer reimburse.

Congratulations and good luck with your future endeavors.