Marine Welcome Aboard Package

Welcome Aboard!

Please read the Supplemental Check-In Instructions

Congratulations on your new assignment to the Naval Postgraduate School!

We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing the knowledge, leadership and network of the NPS Marines Corps.

Prospective Students

Marine Officers with a “Note 1” on the CCLEB and CPIB Eligibility Rosters (found here) are encouraged to view the Current Academic Catalog and apply online.
Follow the student run @NPSMarines for additional insight into what Marines like you are doing at Naval Postgraduate School!

The following information is provided to assist you in making your transition.

Directions to NPS

Check-In information


  • You are directed to first check-in at the NPS Student Services Office, located at NPS in the basement of Herrmann Hall in Room 039
    • Expect to fill out paperwork, initialize you e-mail and Python account and take a picture
    • Do not schedule household goods deliveries or any other appointment this day
    • The uniform for reporting to NPS is Service “A”​
    • The NPS Student Services Office is open 0700-1600 (M-TH) and 0700–1400 (F)


  • Immediately after checking-in with Student Services, students will check-in with the SMR Office, located on the lobby level of Herrmann Hall in Room 127
    • The SMR Office is open between 0800-1600, M-F
    • The uniform for checking-in to the SMR Office is Service “A”  


  • Following the completion of the above two steps, as soon as practicable, students will check-in with the Marine Detachment (MARDET) S-1 Office, located on the Presidio of Monterey (POM) in building 625
    • The MARDET will administratively  join students to RUC / MCC H99, complete the NPS Marine’s travel claim, and complete any other administrative requirements
    • The uniform for checking into the MARDET is the NPS uniform of the day
    • The MARDET S-1 Office is open between 0800-1600, M-F
      • *Please note - parking spaces near the MARDET are limited 
        • It is advisable to bring green PT gear in the event Training requests weigh-ins
        • Motorcycle riders should also bring their information and documentation to be entered into the unit’s motorcycle rider database


  • New Student Orientation will be held in King Hall (see map below) the week/end prior to class starting, and will be followed by a Marine only orientation.  UOD is Service Charlies.


  • *The NPS Marine student body has an Activities Fund that is managed entirely by the NPS Marine Social Activities Coordinator and NPS Marine Treasurer
    • All contributions are completely optional and voluntary 
    • If you would like more information, please ask the SMR Office when you check-in


eMail Pre-Registration

***Note: You must be within 90 days of your arrival date to set up an NPS email account***


  • Within 30-90 days of your NPS report date, the Student Services Office will send you an email with instructions for setting up your NPS email account. Please complete all pre-registration steps prior to your arrival.


NOTE: If you are accessing the website using Windows 2000 and XP, you must enter your login as follows:  ern\userid.  If you are asked to enter a domain name enter: ern.


Password Instructions




Where <ccc> represents the student's 3-digit curric number, <ssss> represents the student's last four digits of the SSN, and <fl> represents the student's first initial and last initial as lowercase characters.


After your initials add: abc123


For example, student Jane Smith in curric 368 with last four of her SSN as 9876 would have the following password:




Passwords are case sensitive so the "NN" must be uppercase and the first and last initial must be entered as lowercase for the password to work.



Your e-mail Account must be used at least once a month or it will be deactivated


Sponsor information

  • The SMR Office will connect you with a sponsor in your program's NPS USMC cohort before arriving at NPS 


Student Services Office

Associate Dean of Students: Mr. Phillip Gonda


COMM: (831) 656-3816


Student Responsibilities

The Senior Marine Corps Representative Office (SMO) Addendum to the NPS Student Handbook is located here.


Academic Information

  • The Graduate Writing Center is a valuable resource that can be used to improve your academic writing skills.  A proactive review of your writing ability is recommended prior to checking in at NPS.


General School Contact Information










Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLE)

  • Ten (10) days of TLE is authorized for transferring students. Ensure you get a non-availability of government quarters, if required, to ensure reimbursement and have hard copy orders on hand.


NAVY LODGE: (831) 372-6133


  • You are encouraged to visit NPS while on house hunting/TAD orders. Military Housing on the Monterey Peninsula has been privatized under the Army's Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) since 2003.  The Housing is managed by "The Parks at Monterey Bay" with locations at La Mesa Village, Fort Ord Military Community and the Presidio of Monterey. 



  • Service members assigned to NPS have an entitlement to non-temporary storage at origin (i.e. last duty station) as part of their PCS move.  Students are encouraged to use this entitlement.  However, household goods brought to Monterey to be subsequently put into storage at government expense must be approved by the NPS Supply Officer or they can be stored at owners' expense.  
    • According to the JFTR entitlement to store at destination is only applicable for students residing in Military Housing
    • NPS Students requesting Non-Temp Storage must contact the Personal Property Office or call (831) 656-2151


Local School information

  • The Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD) serves all military housing areas plus the local cities of Monterey, Del Rey Oaks, Seaside, Sand City and Marina. Some schools serving the military housing areas experience over-enrollment at various times during the school year, making coordination between the local military installations and MPUSD key to ensuring the District is informed on the number of incoming military school age children. 


  • For further information on school district information, any school related issue/special need or if you are arriving in the middle of the school year, please contact the School Liaison Office:  

NSA Monterey School Liaison Officer: (831) 656-1008


Fleet and Family Support Center

  • To get started, enter the above web site and click on "Programs and Services," then "Relocation Information," then "Sites" 
  • FFSC provides Tricare information, employment assistance for spouses and Monterey County Unified School District information
    • Contact (831) 656-3060 for more information
Directions to NPS

Directions to NPS

From San Francisco and San Jose

  1. Take US Route 101 South toward Prunedale
  2. At Prunedale, take CA Route 156 West to CA Route 1 South
  3. Proceed on CA Route 1 S to Monterey
  4. Take the "Del Monte Avenue" exit
  5. Follow the signs to Del Monte Avenue and turn left on Sloat Avenue
  6. Turn left at stop sign to enter the campus Main Gate, gate access information

From Los Angeles and San Diego

  1. Take US Hwy 5 North toward Sacramento
  2. At Lost Hills, take CA Route 46 West toward Paso Robles
  3. At Paso Robles, take US Route 101 North toward Salinas
  4. At Salinas, take CA Route 68 West to Monterey
  5. Stay left on 68 W to merge onto CA Route 1 South
  6. Take the first "Monterey" exit
  7. Stay left on the exit, turn left onto Aguajito Road
  8. After .5 miles turn left at Mark Thomas Drive
  9. Follow Mark Thomas Drive to Sloat Avenue
  10. Turn right at the stop sign to enter the campus Main Gate, gate access information

From Monterey Peninsula Airport

  1. The road leading out of the airport is Olmstead Road
  2. Follow Olmstead Road to Garden Road - first street on the right
  3. Turn right onto Garden Road
  4. Take Garden Road to 3-way traffic light; turn left onto Mark Thomas Drive
  5. Turn right onto Sloat Avenue at first traffic light
  6. Turn right at stop sign to enter the campus Main Gate, gate access information

Arriving By Air
Monterey is serviced by three major airlines with most flights connecting through San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, or Phoenix.

    Persons taking a taxi should direct the driver to take them to the "Main Gate at NPS".

    Please note
    Please make your own arrangements for transportation to and from airports.

Map of NPS

Map of NPS

Map of NPS


Directions to DLI MARDET from NPS

Directions from NPS to DLI MARDET