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Two-Factor Authentication

NPS is moving towards two-factor authentication for increased security. Two-factor authentication (2FA) strengthens access security by requiring two methods (also referred to as factors) to verify your identity. 2FA protects against phishing, social engineering and password brute-force attacks and secures your logins from attackers exploiting weak or stolen credentials.

In order to get started or to manage your 2FA devices, please visit the NPS Device Management Portal. If you have any questions, contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC).

Device Management Portal

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Q&A for Duo 2FA

A: Duo is used to provide two factor authentication when accessing NPS resources. Their official site can be found here:
A: Authentication is used to prove you are the person you claim to be. We use authentication at NPS to access NPS resources such as email and wireless internet. There are three methods of authentication. Something you know (e.g. your NPS username and password), something you are (e.g. fingerprints), and something you have (e.g. your phone to use Duo). Your NPS credentials is something you know. To provide two factors of authentication, we are using something you have. Duo will contact you by phone so you can verify that you are the user attempting access to NPS resources.

A: You need to use Duo to connect to the virtual private network (VPN). Duo may be used for other NPS resources.

A: Two factor authentication increases security. If an attacker gets your NPS username and credentials, they still do not have your phone to verify they are you!

A: Report it as fraud! Deny it! Be alert! If you receive a phone call to authenticate using Duo and you were not trying to access NPS resources, press 2 to report it as fraud! If you choose to receive notifications on the Duo app and you get a notification you did not request, press Deny. Notify the TAC by emailing them at

A: There are 3 options you may choose: receive a Duo push via their app, a phone call, or a text message (SMS).

A: Here is a list of the devices you can use with Duo to complete your two-step login process: 

We recommend that you enroll at least two devices so that you'll have a backup way to authenticate should you lose or misplace your first device.


  1. Go to Duo Management Portal.
  2. Login and choose your authentication method. Send Duo Push is recommended.
  3. Accept the Duo request.
  4. Click Add another device.
  5. Follow instructions to add your device.

A: Try turning on notifications in the Duo app settings (not available for all OS types). Your phone may be having networking issues. Try some solutions found here.

A: No. You should receive notifications for your requests. Clicking on the notification will open the app and you can approve/deny the request. If you are having problems with notifications, see the previous question above.


  1. Go to
  2. For your device, click on Device Options.
  3. Click on Reactivate Duo Mobile.
  4. Follow instructions to activate phone.

A: If it was your only device enrolled with Duo, contact the TAC immediately at (831)656-1046 to de-activate your device.

If you have another device enrolled with Duo:

  1. Go to
  2. For your device, click on Device Options.
  3. Click on the Trash Can.

A: Duo will work while on travel. If connected to wifi, you will receive Duo app notifications normally. If you have data access, you can receive calls/texts. If you do not have wifi or data at your location, you can use the access codes automatically generated in the app when you press the key button next to "NPS Monterey CA". Verification codes are updated every 15 seconds. This code can be used when authenticating with Duo.

A: This is likely due to your device not properly synced to time. Please update your settings by going to (for iOS) Settings > General > Date & Time. Resource here.