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Points of Contact

Academic Associate: 831-656-7545 or DSN 756-7545

Program Officer: 831-656-3635 or DSN 756-3635

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Program Overview: What is Systems Engineering Analysis


Systems Engineering applies the engineering thought process to the design and development of large, complex systems. Systems engineers analyze the need for a system, determine its operational concept, develop functional requirements, produce the system architecture, allocate the requirements among sub-systems, manage the design of the sub-systems, assure that the final design is integrated, assess any trade-offs made, and then implement and test the solution. 

Systems Analysis provides key insights for improved operation of existing complex defense systems; it examines existing systems to better understand them. This understanding is then used to determine and choose among alternatives for system design, improvement and employment. Systems analysts apply modeling, optimization, simulation, and decision making under risk and uncertainty.

The curriculum was previously called Systems Engineering and Integration (SEI). It was renamed and revamped in 2002 to emphasize the role and importance of analysis.