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Points of Contact

Academic Associate: 831-656-7545 or DSN 756-7545

Program Officer: 831-656-3635 or DSN 756-3635

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Frequently Asked Questions about the SEA Program

When do students start?

Students start in July of each year and graduate 24 months later.  

What skills would I develop in these degree programs? 

Topics of study include technologies (sensors, weapons, information systems, networks, C4I), and techniques (combat simulation, modeling, optimization, project management, fundamentals of systems engineering).  SEA students conduct an interdisciplinary systems engineering analysis project. Graduates can also earn some defense acquisition certification credits.

What can I expect?

Eight quarters (2 years) of academic challenges with direct application to current problems of interest to DoD and the Navy. See the Curriculum Structure.

Are there any prerequisites to get into the program? 

A basic math and science background as evidenced by past academic achievements --- see Admission Requirements

Do I write a thesis?

Normally not, but you must contribute significantly to the group project report.

Is the MS SEA degree ABET accredited?

No.  There is an MS SE degree pilot program under way which will eventually be ABET accredited, however, it is more technically oriented, 8 to 9 quarters in duration and primarily intended for Engineering Duty Officers.

How is life in Monterey?

Fabulous. There is good military housing, good schools, great weather, and world-class recreational activities. See more at this Monterey online guide.

Who can I contact for more information?

SEA Academic Associate
Code SE
Monterey, CA 93943
(831) 656-7545
DSN: 756-7545
SEA Program Officer
Code OR
Monterey, CA 93943
(831) 656-3635
DSN: 756-3635