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Points of Contact

Academic Associate: 831-656-7545 or DSN 756-7545

Program Officer: 831-656-3635 or DSN 756-3635

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Details of the SEA Curriculum Approach

NPS built this curriculum to teach US Navy Unrestricted Line Officers how the Navy builds and fights large combat systems. There are six threads interwoven in the curriculum. Each graduate completes all threads.

This curriculum reflects the cooperative best efforts of a wide range of stakeholders, each with the goal of providing line officers with a robust blend of technical and war-fighting education. SEA provides the best curriculum in the world for learning how to engineer, to manage, and to lead military transformation. Graduates will add value to the Navy at all levels of command through their mastery of core analytical skills and their understanding of combat systems.

The first, or refresher, quarter is taught in blocks, so the preparation material can be logically sequenced in a short amount of time. In particular, this helps students master the material in the preparation thread without being overwhelmed.

SEA Course Matrix (as of 15 SEP 16)


Matrix Legend

Notes on SEA 24 month (8 quarter) Matrix

Two elective slots were included in this matrix to address a recurring interest expressed by students in feedback sessions and to possibly allow inclusion of courses that provide cultural/regional awareness or provide other skills. Potential courses include:

SO 3750 Anthropology of Conflict (4-0) F/Sp
DA 3211 Unconventional Threat to Homeland Security (4-0) W
NS 3000 War in the Modern World (4-0) F/W/Sp/Su
NS 3020 Operational Level of War (4-0) W/Su
NS 3021 Military Transformation (4-0) Su/W
NS 3025 Intro to Civil-Military Relations (4-0) W
SO3101 War in the Information Age (4-0) F/W
SO3250 Anatomy of Intelligence (4-0) Sp


Additionally, taking a group of courses with more focus could constitute a certificate program or area of more detailed study such as:

SE Track (*Students completing these two electives and possessing an ABET accredited undergraduate engineering degree are eligible for the MS SE degree) Click here to see SEA MSSE Degree Course Matrix.

*SE 4003 Software Systems Engineering
*SE 4151 Systems Integration and Development
ME 4271 System Survivability


OA Track

OA 2200 Computational Methods I
OA 3200 Computational Methods II
OS 3401 Human Factors in Systems Design
OA4604 Wargaming Applications
OS 4580 Logistics Systems
ME 4702 Engineering Risk Benefit Analysis


An elective program of course options could easily be developed by other departments similar to the 4 course elective tracks in the 311 curriculum. Other options would certainly be entertained subject to approval by the Academic Associate/Coordinating Committee Chair.

Degree Requirements: 36 hours of graduate level course, with at least 12 at the 4000 level. Completion of Systems Engineering and Analysis course sequences and completion of a 12 hour equivalent team capstone project or a thesis (by exception). {Note: ESR and p-code requirements for Navy students generate additional requirements covered by the other courses in the matrix.}