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Points of Contact

Academic Associate: 831-656-7545 or DSN 756-7545

Program Officer: 831-656-3635 or DSN 756-3635

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SEA Curriculum Benefits

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For a Naval Career

If you anticipate a role in the transformation of the US military, this is the curriculum for you. If you are an unrestricted line officer, this curriculum provides a robust blend of technical and war-fighting education. 

Bottom line, a Master of Science in Systems Engineering Analysis will make you a better department head, a better staff officer, and ultimately, a better commander. 

VAN Missile ShootFor a Warfighter

The SEA curriculum is very useful for warfighters. Skills learned in this degree program will deepen your understanding of how the Navy builds and fights large systems. We also include courses that complete your phase one of JPME.

After Service

Systems engineers and analysts are in great demand by industry. A recent University of Virginia study showed that systems engineers had the third highest starting salaries among all engineers, behind electrical and mechanical engineering. The advantage is more pronounced for senior personnel:

  • Systems engineers are ranked among the highest paid for graduates of any engineering discipline. Systems engineers are leaders among engineers because they are educated in project management. The Department of Labor Statistics states "Median annual earnings for engineers at senior managerial levels were about $90,000." 
     – University of Virginia, Systems Engineering Salary Data