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The Remote Sensing Center at the Naval Postgraduate School is an inter-departmental activity dedicated to strengthening Remote Sensing research and education.  Contact RSC via

Dr. Richard Olsen, Executive Director

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The Remote Sensing Intelligence Degree was offered for a few years with some success. It was deprecated due to a lack of (USN) sponsorship.   Still, we graduated some 30 students, mostly civilians, who have all done really well following their tours at NPS.  

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rco, 6/12/2017

Latest News

Latest News

We are working on a new LiDAR flight in Monterey and over Point Lobos that will include additional waveform data collections.    Otherwise, Jeremy Metcalf and I both gave talks at SPIE in Anaheim in April (2017) on our spectral and waveform lidar work.   We graduated a really good group of students in March - probably will scale down in AY18, but we'll see.

Our summer intern, Amanda Coleman, presented her work on LiDAR at CSUMB. Link  She is the young lady in the picture.

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