Research Summaries


Fiscal Year 2017
Division School of International Graduate Studies
Department Center for Civil-Military Relations
Investigator(s) Hussey, Benjamin T.
Sponsor Naval Education Training Security Assistance Field Activity (Navy)
Summary CCMR's CTFP in-residence courses are designed to provide participants with an understanding of terrorism and maritime violence at a strategic level. CCMR conducts seminars and workshops in support of the Office of the Secretary of Defense's Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program. The program takes a holistic approach to investigating the most effective government responses to terrorism and violence in the maritime domain. CTFP works to address practical questions, such as: What can governments do to contain or defeat terrorism without sacrificing the values that bind societies together? Can terrorist attacks be prevented and how should governments respond to attacks that cannot be prevented? How can countries think through the challenges of terrorism at the strategic level? The Program provides both in-residence programs in Monterey, CA and mobile education teams to countries and regions within all Combatant Commands. Competencies Multi-dimensional solutions to the problems of terrorism Analysis and teaching of non-traditional aspects of terrorism Coordinated civilian and military responses to terrorism Capacity evaluation and measurement in combating terrorism Address questions of: What can governments do to enhance the security of their maritime domain while also allowing for the efficient movement of people, goods and services? How can governments conduct maritime risk assessments that will allow them to prioritize limited resources and develop comprehensive strategies and policies? How can governments best protect their critical maritime infrastructure? How should governments integrate their military, law enforcement and other civilian agencies with maritime security responsibilities? What collective measures can regional nations take to prevent or minimize transitional maritime threats like terrorism, piracy, illicit trafficking and illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing? Field Study Program (FSP) activities complement CCMR's CTFP educational objectives by exposing international participants to the American way of life and U.S. democratic values. Improvement of defense acquisition and contract management systems in the represented partner nations will enhance the U.S. Government's security sector objectives at both the national and regional levels. Additionally, these courses and FSP activities help build the intellectual capital of the Naval Postgraduate School faculty and students confirmed to support this effort.
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Data Publications, theses (not shown) and data repositories will be added to the portal record when information is available in FAIRS and brought back to the portal