Research Summaries

Back Impact of Advanced Technologies on MOVES Curriculum

Fiscal Year 2016
Division Research & Sponsored Programs
Department Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simulation Institute
Investigator(s) Chatelier, Paul R.
Sponsor Office of Naval Research (Navy)
Summary The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) will conduct Research on the impact of current and future Office of Naval Research (ONR) technologies on the NPS Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation Institute (MOVES) curriculum and student research direction over the next five years. This project will provide MOVES with data to enhance their ability to prepare student's operational effectiveness of their future commands. The project will also enrich NPS' ability to prepare our students for joint force assignments as well as to prepare our allies with superior education, training and analysis products based on our student's exemplary research in the field of modeling and simulation.
NPS MOVES will collaborate with ONR on the development of research programs that investigate how current technological advancements in M&S can be incorporated into different educations domains ranging from skills training to leadership training to advance graduate education. In this project MOVES will work closely with ONR leadership to ensure MOVES science and technological R&D includes current M&S technologies as well as emerging S&T forecasts to best utilize these data knowledge into the NPS curriculum. The overall goal of this R&D is to enrich our current curriculum into one that will be to educate our future fleet leaders to be effective with the emerging technologies being provided to the Fleet. Specific tasks to be accomplished under this SOW are:
- Investigate how our NATO and coalition partners use M&S technologies in their education programs to train their military to become more effective officers.
- Investigate how our Army, Navy, Air Force and coalition partners identify and implement science and technology advancements into their individual development and training programs to provide a synergistic effort that will quickly advance our educational goals while fostering increased cooperation and collaborations.
- Investigate the mission needs of the major NAVAL education and training sites to better assess the educational needs of our students and allow them to become more effective in their future commands.
- Investigate the recent advances in use of Synthetic Environments for Assessing and training mission effective performance within projected operational environments. Determine how to best use these advancements in SEA throughout the entire R, D, T&E system.
- Identify and review recent past, current and proposed future Individual Training and Education R&D initiatives to recommend opportunities to increase the impact of M&S within a broader strategic construct.
- Investigate and identify the opportunities for increasing the cost savings through increased interoperability of education and training technology advances.
- Identify and evaluate metrics related to assessing mission effectiveness, identify methods to measure and analyze data on these metrics.
- Investigate the state-of-the-art of military and civilian M&S and Identify technology gaps related to the use of synthetic environments for mission effectiveness assessment.
- Identify Human Factors challenges and standards to support the effective design and objective performance evaluation using synthetic environments.
NPS MOVES will prepare reports and presentations on the above R&D areas.
Keywords Education Technologies Human Systems Integration Modeling & Simulation Synthetic Environments
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