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2020 Applying Big Data Analytics to Improve Naval Aviation Sustainment NPS Naval Research Program MacKinnon, Douglas J. View
2020 Analytics of Aviator Training Performance NPS Naval Research Program Rowe, Neil C. View
2020 Analytical Modeling, Guidance and Control for Advanced Autonomous Orbital Robotics Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Romano, Marcello View
2020 Analytic Support for the National Commission on Military Aviation Safety Operations Research Buttrey, Samuel E. View
2020 Analysis of Undersea Terrain Aided Navigation Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Horner, Douglas P. View
2020 Aircraft Combat Survivability Education and Research Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Adams, Christopher A. View
2020 Air-Sea-Land interaction and Evaporation Ducting in Coastal Environment Meteorology Wang, Qing View
2020 Adversarial Attacks on Machine Learning Models Computer Science Strubel, Joshua D. View
2020 Advancing understanding, analyses, and predictions of tropical cyclone rapid intensification from new-generation geostationary meteorological satellite Meteorology Feldmeier, Joel View
2020 Advancing the Science of Test via Simulation Experiments Operations Research Sanchez, Susan M. View
2020 Advancing the EABO Concept: Warfare Analysis in C2, ISR, and Anti-ship Missiles NPS Naval Research Program Kline, Jeffery E. View
2020 Advanced armature designs Physics Larraza, Andres View
2020 Advanced Transonic Compressor Casing Treatment Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Hobson, Garth V. View
2020 Advanced Space Control Research Space Systems Academic Group Newman, James H. View
2020 Advanced Energetics for Agent Defeat Physics Hooper, Joseph P. View
2020 Advanced Acquisition Program (AAP-Curriculum 211) Spring FY20 Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Jones, Raymond D. View
2020 Advanced Acquisition Program (AAP-Curriculum 211) Fall AY20/AY21 Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Jones, Raymond D. View
2020 Added Capability in RASP NPS Naval Research Program Howard, Alan R. View
2020 Adaptive Data Flow NPS Naval Research Program Maule, Randy W. View
2020 Acoustic propagation in disparate environments Oceanography Reeder, Davis B. View
2020 AI for Small Unit Maneuver - SATLAS Defense Analysis Manuel, Christopher E. View
2020 A proposal to build two mid-frequency transceiver moorings for studying small- and mid-scale ocean processes and their effects on acoustic Oceanography Colosi, John A. View
2020 A machine learning approach to intrusion detection on wireless cyber networks Electrical & Computer Engineering Watkins, John R. View
2020 A New Approach to Dataplane Software Computer Science Volpano, Dennis M. View
2020 A Multidisciplinary Studies Support for US Marine Forces Reserve Systems Engineering Hernandez, Alejandro D.S. View
2020 5th Generation Maintainer - Procedural and Remote Expert Guided AR Evaluations Computer Science Balogh, Imre L. View
2020 5G New Radio (NR) Mobile Device Signal Analysis and Geolocation Electrical & Computer Engineering McEachen, II, John C. View
2020 5G Cellular Communications for Flight Deck Radios to Reduce Electromagnetic Signature NPS Naval Research Program Berzins, Valdis A. View
2020 21st Century Naval Revolutions NPS Naval Research Program Russell, James A. View
2020 20KV GaN Power Device Development Electrical & Computer Engineering Weatherford, Todd R. View