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2010 Port of Hueneme Emergency Planning and Preparedness Studies Center for Asymmetric Warfare Banks, David D. View
2010 Portable, High-Efficiency, Wide-Band (500-1,200 Hz) Moored Sound Sources for Shallow-Water Low-Frequency Acoustic Propagation Studies Oceanography Chiu, Ching-Sang View
2010 Practical Comptrollership Course Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Potvin, Lisa F. View
2010 Preliminary Enhancements to Selected Courses for the 2011 Seed Program Computer Science Irvine, Cynthia E. View
2010 Principal Tangent System Reduction Applied Mathematics Krener, Arthur J. View
2010 Principles of Ensemble Modeling and Decision Support Operations Research Regnier, Eva D. View
2010 Program Support for the Human Social Cultural Behavior (HSBC) Modeling Initiative at the Naval Postgraduate School Operations Research Appleget, Jeffrey A. View
2010 Project Counterplay: Evaluation of Online Gaming Capabilities Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simuation Institute Brutzman, Donald P. View
2010 Proliferation Dynamics in Southeast Asia: The Implications of Great Power Rivalry National Security Affairs Malley, Michael S. View
2010 Propulsion Turbo-Machinery Monitoring Requirements and Specifications Systems Engineering Millar, Richard C. View
2010 Protecting Mobile Defense Networks from Adversary Influence Computer Science Rowe, Neil C. View
2010 Pulsed Power Supply (PPS) Design and Analysis for the Railgun Electrical & Computer Engineering Julian, Alexander L. View
2010 Purple Rain Information Sciences Roeting, William H. View
2010 Quantitative Evaluation of Squad and Team Leader Performance with and Without GSS Operations Research Smith, Christian S. View
2010 RADM George F.A. Wagner Chair Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Jones, Lawrence R. View
2010 RS Technology Research Physics Olsen, Richard C. View
2010 Radiation Tolerant ASIC and VLSI Devices for Space-Based Systems, Design, Modeling and Fabrication Electrical & Computer Engineering Michael, Sherif N. View
2010 Raider Leader Language Training National Security Affairs Johnson, Thomas H. View
2010 Reducing Insecurity in Africa: Roles and Responsibilities of the US Military, US Government and Non-Governmental Communities National Security Affairs Piombo, Jessica R. View
2010 Reduction in Total Ownership Cost (RTOC) Meyer Institute Whitcomb, Clifford A. View
2010 Regional Numerical Weather Prediction Modeling for Aerosol Modeling Meteorology Chang, Chih-Pei View
2010 Reimbursable Detail of Milton Nenneman National Security Institute Kimzey, Charles H. View
2010 Relief STAR-TIDES Collaboration Joint Interagency Field Experimentation Program Buettner, Jr., Raymond R. View
2010 Relief STAR-TIDES Collaboration Joint Interagency Field Experimentation Program Buettner, Jr., Raymond R. View
2010 Remotely Triggered Vehicle Mounted IFF (VMIFF): Prototype and Demonstration of Integrated Day-Night (NEAR IR and MWIR) Device Physics Haegel, Nancy M. View
2010 Representing Civilians in Military Operation Simulations Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simuation Institute Balogh, Imre L. View
2010 Research Support to Hybrid Knowledge Management System for Complex Operations Global Public Policy Academic Group Guttieri, Karen R. View
2010 Research, Analytical Tools, and Training Support for DOT&E Operations Research Jacobs, Patricia A. View
2010 Resource Conflicts: Emerging Struggles Over Strategic Commodities in Latin America National Security Affairs Jaskoski, Maiah A. View
2010 Riverine Flow Observations and Modeling: Sensitivity of Delft3D River Model to Bathymetric Variability Oceanography MacMahan, James H. View