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2018 Naval Postgraduate School Outreach Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simulation Institute McDowell, Perry L. View
2018 Naval Postgraduate School, CA Support to NATO School Oberammergau National Security Affairs Howard, Alan R. View
2018 Naval Special Warfare Halo Beacon Defense Analysis Budden, Nancy A. View
2018 Naval and Maritime Strategy Naval Research Program Russell, James A. View
2018 Navy Risk Management Framework / Security Control Assessor Program Special Offering Computer Science Burke, Karen L. View
2018 Navy Spec Ops Tech: BiAS UUV Submarine Warfare Defense Analysis Budden, Nancy A. View
2018 Node Authentication in NC3 Electrical & Computer Engineering Roth, John D. View
2018 Novel Low Temperature Chemical Process for Metal AM Naval Research Program Phillips, Jonathan View
2018 Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications: Curriculum Development and Instruction National Security Affairs Malley, Michael S. View
2018 ONR Gill Inspired Life Support (GILS) Research Workshop Organization Physics Kartalov, Emil P. View
2018 OPNAV N9I Chair of Systems Engineering Analysis Systems Engineering Kline, Jeffery E. View
2018 Open Source Identity and Fraud Detection Operations Research Dell, Robert F. View
2018 Operational Aerial Communication Layer Naval Research Program Gibson, John H. View
2018 Operator-Level Programming and Control of Unmanned Air Vehicle Swarms: Development and Field Experimentation Systems Engineering Giachetti, Ronald E. View
2018 Optical Messaging with QR Codes, Digital Flashing Light (DFL), Signal Flags and Li-Fi Networking (Continuation) Naval Research Program Brutzman, Donald P. View
2018 Optimal Mission Planning for MCM Vehicles and Sensors Naval Research Program Kaminer, Isaac I. View
2018 Optimal Payload for Multi-Mission Unmanned Systems Naval Research Program Kress, Moshe View
2018 Optimal Cooperative Control of Multi-Body Dynamical Systems  Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Karpenko, Mark View
2018 Optimization Models for Nuclear Prototype Training Allocation and Scheduling Operations Research Dell, Robert F. View
2018 Optimization of Sensor Operation for Search, Surveillance, and Rapid Accurate Decision Making in Maritime, Littoral, and Urban Environments Operations Research Szechtman, Roberto View
2018 Optimized Fuel Scheduling for Military Sealift Command's Combat Logistics Force Operations Research Carlyle, William M. View
2018 Overcoming Barriers to Technology Innovation Systems Engineering Hernandez, Alejandro D.S. View
2018 PEO IWS Sponsored Acquisition Research Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Snider, Keith F. View
2018 Persistent Network Development Analytics Defense Analysis Lee, Doowan View
2018 Philippines Protection of civilians (POC) Training of Trainers (ToT) Course Center for Civil-Military Relations Hussey, Benjamin T. View
2018 Physical Layer Security for Transmissions Involving Beamforming Electrical & Computer Engineering Kragh, Frank E. View
2018 Planning Big-Data Distributed Processing for Combat ID Naval Research Program Rowe, Neil C. View
2018 Prevention, Relief, & Recovery (PR&R) FY18 Field Studies Program (FSP) Center for Civil-Military Relations Hussey, Benjamin T. View
2018 Promise or Peril? Nuclear Phase Out and International Security Defense Analysis Volpe, Tristan A. View
2018 Propagation Channel Assessment and Prediction (PCAP): A Global Refractivity Information Database (GRID) for Electronic Warfare Prediction Meteorology Frederickson, Paul A. View