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2007 System Model of a Twenty-Four Pulse Rectifier Fed by a Twelve Phase Transformer Electrical & Computer Engineering Julian, Alexander L. View
2013 System Engineering Research Center - Research Task - 44 Phase II Systems Engineering Giammarco, Kristin M. View
2021 System Dynamics Modeling and Systems Engineering PhD Program for T&AM Defense Analysis Porter, Wayne View
2020 System Dynamic Modeling Course and Capstone Project Defense Analysis Porter, Wayne View
2019 System Adaptive Red Team Advanced Concepts Support for Vulnerability Assessment Defense Analysis Burks, Robert View
2013 Syria Case Study: Social Media Exploitation Methodology for Illuminating Dark Networks Defense Analysis Everton, Sean F. View
2010 Synthetic Environments for Assessment: Prototype Infrastructure and Scenario Development Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simuation Institute Darken, Rudolph P. View
2021 Synthesis and Characterization of Sulfide Particulates for Transparent Ceramic Applications Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Nieto, Andy View
2019 Synthesis and Characterization of Hydroxyl-Terminated Polyacetylene (HTPA) Rocket Motor Binder Physics Mason, Brian P. View
2017 Synoptic Monthly Gridded and Ocean Modeled Data to Assess Submarine Vulnerability Naval Research Program Chu, Peter C. View
2015 Swarm Vs Swarm Live Fly Field Experimentation Program Consortium for Robotics & Unmanned Systems Education & Research Chung, Timothy H. View
2020 Sustaining our Submarine Forces for Phase 0 and Phase II in a Contested Environment Against Peer and Near Peer Countries NPS Naval Research Program Veronneau, Simon View
2017 Survivability Experimentation during RIMPAC SINKEX Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Kwon, Young W. View
2008 Survey Research Methods Short Course Operations Research Fricker, Jr., Ronald D. View
2019 Surface Warfare Proficiency Knowledge Management Architecture NPS Naval Research Program Nissen, Mark E. View
2017 Surface Ship Safety Predictive Analysis Naval Research Program MacKinnon, Douglas J. View
2017 Surface Ship Port Loading Model Development Naval Research Program Lin, Kyle Y. View
2018 Surface Force Response Plan Tool Naval Research Program Dell, Robert F. View
2011 Surface EW Developments, Research and Lab Support Research & Sponsored Programs Office Singer, Andy View
2010 Surface EW Developments, Research and Lab Support Electrical & Computer Engineering Robertson, Ralph C. View