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2015 PACOM Strategic Focus Group Analytical Support Physics Olsen, Richard C. View
2018 Overcoming Barriers to Technology Innovation Systems Engineering Hernandez, Alejandro D.S. View
2010 Overcoming Architecture and Operational Problems with UAVs Systems Engineering Langford, Gary O. View
2014 Over-The-Air Light Communications Optimization Study Naval Research Program Singh, Gurminder View
2015 Over-The-Air Light Communications Optimization Study Naval Research Program Singh, Gurminder View
2021 Outreach Coordination Space Systems Academic Group Newman, James H. View
2020 Output Power Optimization of Microbacterial Fuel Cells by Scalable Microfluidic Devices Physics Kartalov, Emil P. View
2019 Output Power Optimization of Bacterial BioFuel Cells by Scalable Microfluidic Devices Physics Nguyen, Tricia View
2019 Origin, Dynamics, and Maintenance Mechanisms of Super Long-Lived Eddies Oceanography Radko, Timour View
2013 Organizational Resilience: Further Development of a Measure Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Powley, Edward H. View
2019 Organizational Assessment of a Future Surface Force Development Squadron (SURFDEVRON) NPS Naval Research Program Gallup, Shelley P. View
2021 Organic Precision Fires - Infantry - Light - Foreign Comparative Test Joint Interagency Field Experimentation Program Buettner, Jr., Raymond R. View
2015 Orbital Site Characterization Capability for Special Operations Command, Secretary of the Air Force, Acquisition Defense Analysis Budden, Nancy A. View
2011 Options for American Strategic Influence in the Western Pacific Operations Research Hughes, Jr., Wayne P. View
2010 Optimizing the Deployment of Cargo Unmanned Aerial Systems in Logistical Support Missions at the Tactical Level Operations Research Kress, Moshe View
2015 Optimizing USMC Security Force Assistance (SFA) in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia Naval Research Program Borer, Douglas A. View
2010 Optimizing Threshold-Based Surveillance Systems Operations Research Fricker, Jr., Ronald D. View
2020 Optimizing Naval TACAIR Training & Readiness Requirements Generation NPS Naval Research Program Semmens, Robert View
2019 Optimizing Location-Based Services in Next-Generation Cellular Networks Electrical & Computer Engineering Roth, John D. View
2021 Optimizing Large Financial Portfolios NPS Naval Research Program Huang, Jefferson View