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2022 Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Weapons Influence on Taiwan Contingency Operations Naval Research Program Appleget, Jeffrey A. View
2014 Strategic Engagement with Tier One Countries: Track II Strategic Dialogue Naval Research Program Malley, Michael S. View
2008 Strategic Framework for Worldwide IED Events National Security Institute Johnson, Thomas H. View
2010 Strategic Impact of Shifting Nuclear Consciousness in Japan National Security Affairs Weiner, Robert J. View
2007 Strategic Laser Communications Assessment for the USN SSN and SSBN Fleet Physics Walters, Donald L. View
2019 Strategic Plan Implementation Support for Defense Technology Security Administration Defense Resources Management Institute Webb, Natalie J. View
2013 Strategic Planning Guidance Transition Plan - Naval Postgraduate School Analysis Cebrowski Institute Miller, Scot A. View
2018 Strategic Stability & Nuclear Risk Reduction National Security Affairs Khan, Feroz H. View
2019 Strategic Stability & Nuclear Risk Reduction - Brazil National Security Affairs Darnton, Christopher View
2015 Strategic Stability in Sino-American Nuclear Relations, the Maritime Dimension Naval Research Program Twomey, Christopher P. View
2007 Strategic Stability in South Asia: US Policy Options National Security Affairs Lavoy, Peter View
2010 Strategic Studies: Open-Source Research and Nuclear Weapons Design National Security Affairs Russell, James A. View
2016 Strategic Thinking Center for Executive Education McAnally, Winli View
2013 Strategic Thinking Center for Executive Education McAnally, Winli View
2015 Strategic Thinking Center for Executive Education McAnally, Winli View
2017 Strategic Thinking statistical account-tuition from non-USN participants to attend US Navy executive development program course held at UNC Center for Executive Education McAnally, Winli View
2011 Strategic Weapons Systems - 1 Systems Engineering Kays, James L. View
2019 Strategic and Operational Systems Dynamics Modeling for the Indonesian Naval Technology Collage Defense Analysis Porter, Wayne View
2012 Strategic and Transition Working Group for Virtual Training Simulation Program Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simuation Institute Sullivan, Joseph A. View
2019 Strategies and Tactics for Co-orbital Threats Systems Engineering Yakimenko, Oleg A. View