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2017 PR&R (Prevention, Relief & Recovery) Program FY17 Field Study Program (FSP) Center for Civil-Military Relations Hussey, Benjamin T. View
2011 PRC Leadership Signaling National Security Affairs Miller, Alice L. View
2009 PSOM Support to III Corps National Security Institute Lesnowicz, Jr., Edward J. View
2013 PUMA DDL COI Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Studies Bluth, Robert T. View
2017 PV Power Conditioning for EMS Electrical & Computer Engineering Oriti, Giovanna M. View
2012 Pacific Fleet Optimization of Port Visits Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Brook, Douglas A. View
2010 Pacific Homeland Security Center (PSC-RHSC) Center for Asymmetric Warfare Boger, Dan C. View
2011 Pacific Homeland Security Center (PSC-RHSC) Center for Asymmetric Warfare Boger, Dan C. View
2015 Pacific Islands Coastal Marine Spatial Planning Naval Research Program Murphree, James T. View
2012 Packet Carving and Visualization Computer Science Garfinkel, Simson L. View
2008 Pakistan's Foreign Policy in a Time of Change National Security Affairs Davis, Zachary S. View
2023 Panama Canal Criticality and Security Naval Research Program Kline, Jeffery E. View
2010 Panel Line Module Structural Optimization Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Kwon, Young W. View
2009 Panoramic Augmented Reality for Persistent Information in Counterinsurgency Environments Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simuation Institute Kolsch, Mathias N. View
2020 Parenthood and Health: Measuring the Effects of Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, and Child Care Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Heissel, Jennifer A. View
2007 Participation in Planning Activities of the High-Resolution Wave-Air-Sea Interaction DRI Meteorology Wang, Qing View
2010 Particle Accelerator Ruggedization and Test Bed for Naval Integration and Weapons of Mass Destruction Detection Physics Colson, William B. View
2010 Particle Imaging Measurements in 2D Slab Burner Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Brophy, Christopher M. View
2009 Passive Imaging System to Measure Atmospheric Scatter and CFLOS Meteorology Frederickson, Paul A. View
2013 Passive Location Processing and Optimal Electronic Attack Routes Electrical & Computer Engineering Pace, Phillip E. View