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2017 Undersea Remote Sensing: Acoustic Propagation in Rivers and Estuaries Oceanography Reeder, Davis B. View
2017 Under Water Masked Carrier Acoustic Communications Naval Research Program Rohrer, Justin P. View
2017 Unclassified Maritime Domain Awareness Naval Research Program Boger, Dan C. View
2017 UNPKO Funds Reimbursement Lifecycle Management (FRLM) Workshop Phase II Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Karimova, Tahmina T. View
2017 UNPKO Funds Reimbursement Life-cycle Management Workshop - Uruguay Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Karimova, Tahmina T. View
2017 U.S. Naval Air Systems Command - China Lake Basic Analytic Wargaming Course Operations Research Appleget, Jeffrey A. View
2017 True RF Hardware Compressive Sensor for SAR Imaging Electrical & Computer Engineering Romero, Ric N. View
2017 Transonic Compressor Advanced Casing Treatment Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Hobson, Garth V. View
2017 Transfer and Correlation Functions between Underwater Hydrographical and Optical Parameters Naval Research Program Chu, Peter C. View
2017 Theses Research and Curriculum Support for the Combat Systems Science and Engineering Curriculum Physics Smith, Kevin B. View
2017 Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Optimal Cooperative Control of Multi-Body Dynamical Systems Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Ross, Isaac M. View
2017 The Workshop to Support the Official House Band of ONR Director of Disruptive Technology MMOWGLI Game. Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simulation Institute MacKinnon, Douglas J. View
2017 The Rotating Convective Paradigm for Intensification: Studies in Eddy Dynamics and Lagrangian Coherent Structures Meteorology Montgomery, Michael T. View
2017 The Role of the Navy in Regional Conflicts Naval Research Program Russell, James A. View
2017 The Role of Navy Processes in Enabling and Constraining the Adoption and Use of Learning Centered Technologies Naval Research Program Aten, Kathryn J. View
2017 The Hatch LLA Data Depiction with MMOWGLI Naval Research Program Zhao, Ying View
2017 The Effects of Crew Rest on Performance in Marine Corps Aviation (MAWTS 1) Naval Research Program Shattuck, Nita L. View
2017 Teaching Intrapreneurial Skills for Navy and Intelligence Community Enablers (TIS’ NICE) Cebrowski Institute Yu, Warren View
2017 Tactical Engineer Development Program Support: Further Development and Instruction FY17 Information Sciences Boger, Dan C. View
2017 T^3 scaling in Atom Interferometer Sensors Physics Narducci, Francesco A. View