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2019 Integration and Test of a Terahertz Imaging Camera as a 1U Payload for CubeSats Space Systems Academic Group Lan, Wenschel D. View
2019 Innovation, Intrapreneurship, and Risk-Taking Computer Science Yu, Warren View
2019 Information Strategy and Operations Defense Analysis Borer, Douglas A. View
2019 Industrialization and Economic Statecraft in the Digital Age National Security Affairs Barma, Naazneen H. View
2019 Indonesia United Nations Civil-Military Cooperation (UNCIMIC) Course Center for Civil-Military Relations Hussey, Benjamin T. View
2019 Indonesia UNSOC Center for Civil-Military Relations Hussey, Benjamin T. View
2019 Indonesia Cyber Center for Civil-Military Relations Hussey, Benjamin T. View
2019 Increasing Sensor Efficiency for Small Satellite Maritime Domain Awareness NPS Naval Research Program Karpenko, Mark View
2019 In-stride Optimal Motion Planning/re-planning for MCM Missions using Optimization NPS Naval Research Program Kaminer, Isaac I. View
2019 Improving our understanding of pressure perturbations in cumulus convection Meteorology Peters, John M. View
2019 Improving Tactical Environmental Support in Data Denied Areas: Applications of Machine Learning (ML) NPS Naval Research Program Nuss, Wendell A. View
2019 Improved Bandwidth and Reliability for HF Digital Communications Electrical & Computer Engineering Scrofani, James W. View
2019 Improve the Effectiveness of the Decision-Maker Orientation Processes in Making Sense of the Events & Phenomena Presented by the Battlespace NPS Naval Research Program Godin, Arkady A. View
2019 Implications of Russian Strategic Changes on China NPS Naval Research Program Glosny, Michael A. View
2019 Implementing the DoN 30-Year R&D Plan: Creating and Sustaining a Culture That Values Learning, Strategic Agility, Collaboration and Innovation NPS Naval Research Program Brutzman, Donald P. View
2019 Implementing NAVSLaM with the NRL Digital Optical Channel Program (DOC-P) Meteorology Frederickson, Paul A. View
2019 Impacts Of Hot Isostatic Pressing 3D Printed Parts NPS Naval Research Program Luhrs, Claudia C. View
2019 Impact of Advanced Technologies on MOVES and M&S in Healthcare Curricula Computer Science Balogh, Imre L. View
2019 Identifying Traits that May Lead to Unethical Decision Making and Destructive Behavior in Navy Recruiters NPS Naval Research Program Van Bossuyt, Douglas View
2019 ITACS Support to TRAC-Monterey Information Technology & Communication Services Howard, James View