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2013 Joint FAO Program (CED3) Center for Education Design, Development & Distribution Mastre, Thomas M. View
2013 JSOTF-P Philippines Survey Data Exploration and Analysis Operations Research Fricker, Jr., Ronald D. View
2013 JITC Phase II Design of Experiments Training, FY2013 Operations Research Koyak, Robert A. View
2013 Investigations of the Mechanical Properties of a Buried Fiber-Optic Sensor for Monitoring and Surveillance, FY 2013-2014 Physics Baker, Steven R. View
2013 Investigations of the Mechanical Properties of a Buried Fiber-Optic Sensor for Monitoring and Surveillance, FY 2013 Physics Baker, Steven R. View
2013 Investigation of the Effect of Detonation Convergence on Shaped Charged Jet Formation and Flow Stability Physics Brown, Ronald E. View
2013 Inventory Optimization for NAVSUP Enterprise Resource Planning Operations Research Salmeron-Medrano, Javier View
2013 International Maritime Security/Border Security U.S. Partnership for Peace Howard, Alan R. View
2013 International Maritime Border Security and Terrorism Defense Analysis Howard, Alan R. View
2013 Integrating Human-Robot Team Interactions in Counter Swarm Scenarios Summit Systems Engineering Chung, Timothy H. View
2013 Integrated Training Environment Assessment Methodology Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simuation Institute Darken, Rudolph P. View
2013 Integrated Signatures Program Physics Olsen, Richard C. View
2013 Innovative Methods for Assessing Domestic Nuclear Security Risks Operations Research Alderson, Jr., David L. View
2013 Information Volume and Velocity (IV2) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) Independent Assessment Systems Engineering Whitcomb, Clifford A. View
2013 Information Dominance Center of Excellence (IDCOE) Information Sciences Verheul, Daniel View
2013 Improving Operational Effectiveness of Tactical Long Endurance Unmanned Air System (TALEUAS) by Utilizing Solar Energy Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Dobrokhodov, Vladimir N. View
2013 Improving Cost Benefit Assessment for Energy Initiatives Using Robust Design: Sub-JON for Multidisciplinary Energy Studies Support for USMC E2O Operations Research Sanchez, Susan M. View
2013 Improvement of NRL's COAMP Model by Improving the Radar Data Assimilation System and Model Physics Meteorology Chang, Chih-Pei View
2013 Improved Wind Resistance Rooftop Photovoltaic Systems Systems Engineering Marquis, Fernand D.S. View
2013 Improved Radar Modeling and Environmental Integration for Accurate Electromagnetic Assessments Meteorology Frederickson, Paul A. View