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2014 Feasibility Study of Just in Time Magnetic Silencing Systems Engineering Shebalin, Paul V. View
2014 Face Business Model Development Systems Engineering Madachy, Raymond J. View
2014 FY15 Regional Security Education Program (RSEP) National Security Affairs Stohlmann, Erik J. View
2014 FY15 Joint Threat Warning System (JTWS) Electrical & Computer Engineering McEachen, II, John C. View
2014 FY14 SOMI Development Support Electrical & Computer Engineering Scrofani, James W. View
2014 FY14 Regional Security Education Program (RSEP) National Security Affairs Stohlmann, Erik J. View
2014 FSI Effects on Dynamic Responses and Failures of Composite Structures Under Fluid Structure Interaction Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Kwon, Young W. View
2014 FDA Analysis Support Operations Research Ewing, Jr., Paul L. View
2014 FA-XX Long-Term Cost and Technology Risk Naval Research Program Koyak, Robert A. View
2014 Extended Deterrence and International Security National Security Affairs Yost, David S. View
2014 Exploring NATO - China Military Collaboration Naval Research Program Christman, Walter L. View
2014 Exploiting Environmental Analysis and Prediction, Queuing and Search Theory, and Modeling and Simulation to Optimize Activity-Based Collection Prioritization Meteorology Murphree, James T. View
2014 Experimental Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Interim Flight Clearances Consortium for Robotics & Unmanned Systems Education & Research Millar, Richard C. View
2014 Experimental Evaluation of Concepts and Technology for Surveillance, Cuing, Tracking and Confirmation of Loose Nuclear Weapons Information Sciences Bordetsky, Alexander B. View
2014 Experience Application Programming Interface (AP) and HTML5 Naval Research Program Das, Arijit View
2014 Expeditionary Supply Chains: Operational Analysis Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Apte, Uday M. View
2014 Executive MBA DL Program Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Hatch, William D. View
2014 Examining the Role of a Conventional Brigade Combat Team in the WMD Elimination Mission Defense Analysis Blanken, Leo J. View
2014 Evaluation of Modeling Requirements for Facility Based Compact Power Electronics and Controls Electrical & Computer Engineering Ashton, Robert W. View
2014 Evaluation of Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Program Phase III Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Shen, Yu-Chu View