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2014 Naval Postgraduate School Support for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for the Adaptable Sensor System Program Computer Science Singh, Gurminder View
2014 Naval Postgraduate School Counter Directed Energy Weapons Research Center for Decision, Risk, Controls & Signals Intelligence Sritharan, Sivaguru S. View
2014 Naval Chair of Systems Engineering Systems Engineering Burns, Daniel P. View
2014 Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Strategic Planning Game Support Using Massive Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet (MMOWGLI) Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simuation Institute Brutzman, Donald P. View
2014 Narratives Defense Analysis Jaye, Michael J. View
2014 Nanomaterial Architectures for Personal Protection Applications FY14 Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Luhrs, Claudia C. View
2014 NSA East Academic Year 2014 Electrical & Computer Engineering Robertson, Ralph C. View
2014 NSA East Academic Year 2014 Cyber Academic Group (CAG) Irvine, Cynthia E. View
2014 NSA East AY15 Cyber Academic Group (CAG) Irvine, Cynthia E. View
2014 NRL II Pump Analysis Computer Science Dinolt, George W. View
2014 NPS/CIRPAS Participation in NASA's Ocean Color Ecosystems Assessment with Novel Instruments and Aircraft Project Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Studies Jonsson, Haflidi H. View
2014 NPS Thesis Project Defense Analysis Duncan, Jennifer J. View
2014 NPS Support to US Element NATO School Energy Academic Group (EAG) Howard, Alan R. View
2014 NPS Support to NGA and NEA Global Cloud Computing FY14 Information Sciences Boger, Dan C. View
2014 NPS Program Support for the Staff of the Secretary of the Navy (FY15) Information Sciences Boger, Dan C. View
2014 NPS Net Assessment Analysis for the National Counterterrorism Center Defense Analysis Blanken, Leo J. View
2014 NPS Cost Analysis Support for CAPE Operations Research Mislick, Gregory K. View
2014 NETC Acquisition Planning Framework for Managing Training Delivery Requirements Naval Research Program Darken, Rudolph P. View
2014 NAVSLaM and RSMA Enhancements for Improved EM/EO Performance Predictions Meteorology Frederickson, Paul A. View
2014 NAVAIR Leadership Development Program-Global Perspective Seminar National Security Affairs Russell, James A. View