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2019 Leadership and Communication program for Senior Supervisors statistical Center for Executive Education McAnally, Winli View
2019 Leading Innovation statistical account-tuition from non-USN participants to attend US Navy executive development program course Center for Executive Education McAnally, Winli View
2019 Leverage Optimization Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Optimize Global Material Distribution NPS Naval Research Program Zhao, Ying View
2019 Leveraging AI in Support of Decision Superiority – Enabling AI, a System of Systems Approach NPS Naval Research Program Johnson, Bonnie W. View
2019 Li-Fi Communications on Navy Ship Networks Information Sciences Robinson, Stephanie View
2019 Low Temperature, Low Cost, Precision Metal Additive Manufacturing (M-AM) NPS Naval Research Program Phillips, Jonathan View
2019 MARFORPAC-Pacific Partner Wargaming NPS Naval Research Program Appleget, Jeffrey A. View
2019 MARSOC SOF-MAGTF Capabilities Integrations Analysis and Operational Modeling NPS Naval Research Program Burks, Robert View
2019 MASDR Ground Station Support Space Systems Academic Group Minelli, Giovanni View
2019 MC3 CubeSat Ground Stations: Infrastructure Research Space Systems Academic Group Minelli, Giovanni View
2019 MEMS Acoustic Sensor for UAV Detection and Localization NPS Naval Research Program Alves, Fabio D. View
2019 MEMS Directional Microphone for Air and Underwater Applications Physics Karunasiri, Gamani View
2019 MEMS Metamaterial-based Sub-terahertz focal plane array for space imaging Physics Alves, Fabio D. View
2019 MEMS THz-to-NIR Focal Plane Array for Space Imaging Physics Karunasiri, Gamani View
2019 MIMO Transmission Capabilities to Increase Data Transmission Rates Between Disconnected Tactical Entities NPS Naval Research Program Singh, Gurminder View
2019 MOVES Curriculum and Research Update Computer Science Balogh, Imre L. View
2019 Macedonia Cyber Dean of School of International Graduate Studies Boerlage, Andrew P. View
2019 Machine Learning Methods for Intelligence Collection from Strategic Targets Operations Research Szechtman, Roberto View
2019 Managing Materiel Distribution in an Uncertain Environment NPS Naval Research Program Atkinson, Michael P. View
2019 Manned-Unmanned Teaming in Distributed Maritime Operations NPS Naval Research Program Nissen, Mark E. View