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2019 Counter-Revisionist Risk Assessment Capacity Building Defense Analysis Lee, Doowan View
2019 Coupled Ensemble Sea-floor Environment and 6-DOF (CESE6D) Model for Assessing Characteristics of Munitions Underwater and Their Environment Oceanography Chu, Peter C. View
2019 Creating and Maintaining a Specialized Occupational Force: Marine Information Environment Operations NPS Naval Research Program Aten, Kathryn J. View
2019 Croatia Mobile International Defense Management Course (MIDMC) FY19 Defense Resources Management Institute Webb, Natalie J. View
2019 Custom Analytic Tools for Law Enforcement Organizations (LEOS) Defense Analysis Everton, Sean F. View
2019 Cyber Endeavour 2019 Defense Analysis Rothstein, Hy S. View
2019 Cyber Operations Seminar" MASL #P309370 in Manila, Philippines, 26-30 November 2018 Center for Civil-Military Relations Hussey, Benjamin T. View
2019 Cyber System Assurance through Improved Network Anomaly Modeling and Detection NPS Naval Research Program Bollmann, Chad A. View
2019 CyberSecurity/Infrastructure Information Technology & Communication Services Howard, James View
2019 Cybersecurity Strategy Development - Argentina Dean of School of International Graduate Studies Boerlage, Andrew P. View
2019 DL Course Instruction of 299 Curriculum Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Karpenko, Mark View
2019 DL Course Instruction of ME4901 Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Karpenko, Mark View
2019 DMDC Data Center Infrastructure Support Information Technology & Communication Services Howard, James View
2019 Data Mining SIGINT Collections at Very Large Scale Electrical & Computer Engineering Kragh, Frank E. View
2019 Data Mining and Blockchain for Computer Network Defense Electrical & Computer Engineering McEachen, II, John C. View
2019 Data Science Certificate (TRAC) Data Science and Analytics Group Maher, Kevin J. View
2019 Deep Analytics for MarineNet with Personalized Learning - Using the Pilot Data (Continuation) NPS Naval Research Program Kendall, Walter A. View
2019 Deep Learning for Detecting Anomalous Activity Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Ross, Isaac M. View
2019 Defending Undersea Infrastructure and the SEA29 Systems Engineering Analysis research projects Systems Engineering Kline, Jeffery E. View
2019 Defense Contract Audit Agency - Leadership Development Program Seminar National Security Affairs Meyskens, Covell F. View