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2016 THz Photoconductive Source and Limiting Mechanisms Physics Karunasiri, Gamani View
2018 The Thirteenth International Mine Warfare Technology Symposium Undersea Warfare Academic Group Larraza, Andres View
2019 MASDR Ground Station Support Space Systems Academic Group Minelli, Giovanni View
2019 Synthesis and Characterization of Hydroxyl-Terminated Polyacetylene (HTPA) Rocket Motor Binder Physics Mason, Brian P. View
2021 Artificial Intelligence Methods for Atmospheric Propagation Prediction for Lasers (AIMAPPL) Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Agrawal, Jr., Brij N. View
2007 Atmospheric Optical Turbulence Sensor Development: Research Toward Multi-Site Characterization of Sky Obscuration by Clouds Physics Walters, Donald L. View
2008 Build Squid Physics Denardo, Bruce C. View
2008 Detonable Liquid Technologies for EOD/Safe and Arm Physics Brown, Ronald E. View
2007 Towards Prediction of Arctic Sea Ice-Ocean-Global Climate Interactions at Seasonal to Decadal Scales Oceanography Maslowski, Wieslaw View
2011 Sheer Effects on Convection for Different Stages of TC Development Observed in TCS08 Meteorology Chang, Chih-Pei View
2011 Dark Skies: Phase 1A Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Ross, Isaac M. View
2013 Advanced Missile Guidance Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Ross, Isaac M. View
2014 Rupture Dynamics, Validation of the Numerical Simulation Method Applied Mathematics Kozdon, Jeremy E. View
2015 Analysis of Ship Magnetic Signature Using Nonlinear Control System Methods Electrical & Computer Engineering Yun, Xiaoping View
2016 Integrated Signatures Program Physics Olsen, Richard C. View
2019 Square Dance Ground Station Support and Development of Software-Defined-Radio Software Space Systems Academic Group Newman, James H. View
2020 Reactive Material Exploration and Screening Physics Hooper, Joseph P. View
2021 NPS-CIRPAS Airborne Research for ONR in 2021 Meteorology Bucholtz, Anthony View
2007 Atmospheric Optical Turbulence Sensor Development: Wave Propagation Physics Walters, Donald L. View
2008 Scalable Network Monitoring (SNM) Program Physics Ford, David K. View