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2012 ECE NCR Graduate Education Program Electrical & Computer Engineering Scrofani, James W. View
2012 Antennas for Directed Energy Systems Electrical & Computer Engineering Morgan, Michael A. View
2014 Undersea Warfare Curriculum Support Undersea Warfare Academic Group Ellis, Winford G. View
2014 Investigation of Physical Layer Security Modifications in Cellular Signals Electrical & Computer Engineering Ha, Tri T. View
2013 Hybrid Centralized and Decentralized Algorithms for Resource Optimization in Stochastic Environments Systems Engineering Chung, Timothy H. View
2016 FY16 ACAP Electrical & Computer Engineering Robertson, Ralph C. View
2017 The Rotating Convective Paradigm for Intensification: Studies in Eddy Dynamics and Lagrangian Coherent Structures Meteorology Montgomery, Michael T. View
2017 Wake Vortex II Meteorology Jonsson, Haflidi H. View
2019 Deep Learning for Detecting Anomalous Activity Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Ross, Isaac M. View
2020 CHUNK Learning Seminar Applied Mathematics Gera, Ralucca M. View
2007 Satellite Imagery and Surface Current Mapping Oceanography Paduan, Jeffrey D. View
2008 Performance Surface Based on Operational Assessment of METOC Impact on Submarine Vulnerability to Radar Detection Meteorology Davidson, Kenneth L. View
2009 NAVAIR P3 Fatigue and Sustainment Project Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Kolar, Ramesh View
2007 Flight Validation of Metrics Driven Adaptive Control Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Kaminer, Isaac I. View
2011 Shipboard Calibration Enhancements Electrical & Computer Engineering Yun, Xiaoping View
2012 SOMI Workshop Support Electrical & Computer Engineering Scrofani, James W. View
2012 Power Electronics Enabling Electrical Energy Management Systems for Shipboard and Land Based Navy Applications Electrical & Computer Engineering Oriti, Giovanna M. View
2014 Chair of Undersea Warfare Program Undersea Warfare Academic Group Ellis, Winford G. View
2015 Electronic Warfare Technology Investigation Electrical & Computer Engineering Jenn, David C. View
2015 Kill-Chain Analysis for Countering Low-Cost UAS Systems Engineering Chung, Timothy H. View