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2017 Research on Advanced Hardware Reverse Engineering Techniques, Tactics and Processes Computer Science Michael, James B. View
2020 Trans-Regional Security Working Group Defense Analysis Greenshields, Brian H. View
2021 Innovation Leadership Computer Science Denning, Peter J. View
2011 Chair for Strategic Maritime Analysis Operations Research Schramm, Harrison View
2011 MS Cost Estimating and Analysis Program Operations Research Mislick, Gregory K. View
2013 Masters of Systems Analysis (MSA) Program Operations Research Pilnick, Steven E. View
2014 Concentration of Risk Model Verification Operations Research Buttrey, Samuel E. View
2015 SPARTA Experimental Design in Total Army Analysis Operations Research Lucas, Thomas W. View
2016 Program Support for IDSLS and IDCFE Information Sciences Verheul, Daniel View
2017 Enterprise Adaptive Red Team Advanced Concepts Support for Vulnerability Assessment Defense Analysis Burks, Robert View
2020 CWMD Research and Education for the SOF Community Defense Analysis Volpe, Tristan A. View
2021 Basic Analytic Wargaming Course Mobile Education Team (MET) Operations Research Appleget, Jeffrey A. View
2011 Human Systems Integration DL Certificate Program Operations Research Shattuck, Lawrence G. View
2012 MCEA Program - Cohort 379-123 Operations Research Mislick, Gregory K. View
2012 Support for Agile Decision-Making in Complex and Dynamic Environments Operations Research Regnier, Eva D. View
2014 Global Assessment Tool Analysis Operations Research Buttrey, Samuel E. View
2015 Masters in Cost Estimating and Analysis Operations Research Mislick, Gregory K. View
2016 A Big Data and Deep Learning Model for the CSAAC RDK Cloud Information Sciences Zhao, Ying View
2017 Social Network Analysis for Law Enforcement Defense Analysis Everton, Sean F. View
2021 Exploration of Self-Supervised Learning for SAS Imagery Computer Science Orescanin, Marko View