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2020 Secondary eyewall formation in hurricane vortices: Application of the rotating convective paradigm in a controlled numerical experiment framework Meteorology Montgomery, Michael T. View
2007 In Search of a 40% Efficient Space-Based Multi-Junction Solar Cells, Optimization and Design Using Silvaco Virtual Wafer Fabrication Software Space Systems Academic Group Michael, Sherif N. View
2008 Spectral Test Planning and Ground Truth Support Physics Olsen, Richard C. View
2009 MW-Class Free Electron Laser Injector Technology Validation Physics Lewellen, John W. View
2010 Remotely Triggered Vehicle Mounted IFF (VMIFF): Prototype and Demonstration of Integrated Day-Night (NEAR IR and MWIR) Device Physics Haegel, Nancy M. View
2010 METOC Metrics Scorecard Meteorology Murphree, James T. View
2009 Smart Climatology: Operational Implementation Meteorology Murphree, James T. View
2013 A Multiscale Study of Tropical Cyclone Formation, Structure Change, and Predictability in the Western North Pacific Region and TCS08 Experiment Support Meteorology Montgomery, Michael T. View
2013 Evaluation of Low Pressure Cold Spray Deposition for Repair of Corrosion Damage and Cracking in Steel Structures Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Brewer, Luke N. View
2015 Speeding Up Model Predictive Control and Moving Horizon Estimation Applied Mathematics Krener, Arthur J. View
2015 Master of Science Systems Engineering AY2016 Systems Engineering Owen, Walter E. View
2018 Resonance Properties of the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica, as a Factor in Regional Wave Interaction Between Ocean and Atmosphere Physics Godin, Oleg A. View
2019 Naval Postgraduate School Reactive Material MANTECH Research Physics Hooper, Joseph P. View
2020 Computational Methods and Nonlinear Filters for Data Assimilation Applied Mathematics Kang, Wei View
2007 Naval Postgraduate School NPSAT1 Satellite Support Space Systems Academic Group Panholzer, Rudolf View
2008 Special Capabilities Support to the OSD Physics Olsen, Richard C. View
2009 Innovative Research in Railgun Technology Physics Maier, William B. View
2010 New Armor Concepts Based on Fundamental Physics Physics Hixson, Robert S. View
2011 Long Range Forecasting Support Meteorology Murphree, James T. View
2012 Adapting the General Minefield Evaluation Tool (GAMET) for NPS Student Thesis Work Meteorology Scandrett, Clyde L. View