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2015 Wind Effects of Sun Tracking PV Cell Solar Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Chandrasekhara, Muguru S. View
2015 What Are the Optimal Maintenance Intervals for PMCS on Marine Corps Equipment? Naval Research Program Koyak, Robert A. View
2015 Weapon Accuracy Studies Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Driels, Morris R. View
2015 Wave Energy Testing Site (WETS) Costing Analysis Energy Academic Group (EAG) Howard, Alan R. View
2015 VET Control Teams Electrical & Computer Engineering McEachen, II, John C. View
2015 Utilizing Non-Cognitive Measures for Navy Selection and Classification Naval Research Program Pema, Elda View
2015 Using Human-Centered Design to Improve Inspector-Instructor Selection, Training, and Support Naval Research Program Aten, Kathryn J. View
2015 Unpko Funds Reimbursement Lifecycle Management Workshop - El Salvador - DRMI Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Karimova, Tahmina T. View
2015 Unmanned Systems: A Lab Based Robotic Arm for Grasping Consortium for Robotics & Unmanned Systems Education & Research Buettner, Jr., Raymond R. View
2015 Unmanned Systems Swarm Concepts and Capabilities Study Systems Engineering Chung, Timothy H. View
2015 Unmanned Systems Network to Support Vessel Boarding Operations Consortium for Robotics & Unmanned Systems Education & Research Buettner, Jr., Raymond R. View
2015 United Nation Peace Keeping Operations Pre-Deployment Application and Administrative Support Workshop Yerevan, Armenia Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Karimova, Tahmina T. View
2015 Understanding the Resilience of Active Internet Measurements to Deception Computer Science Beverly, Robert E. View
2015 Understanding Development Test and Evaluation (DT&E) Implications for Cyber Naval Research Program Gibson, John H. View
2015 Understanding Arctic Marine Biochemical Response to Climate Change for Seasonal to Decadal Prediction Using Regional/Global Climate Models Oceanography Maslowski, Wieslaw View
2015 Undersea Warfare Curriculum Support Undersea Warfare Academic Group Ellis, Winford G. View
2015 Undersea Critical Message Transfer Defense Analysis Budden, Nancy A. View
2015 Uncooled Terahertz Imaging System Physics Karunasiri, Gamani View
2015 Un-Interruptible, Renewable Augmented, Power Circuits Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Gannon, Anthony J. View
2015 UUV-Based SLAM for MCM, EOD and NSW Applications Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Horner, Douglas P. View
2015 USV ASW Employment Naval Research Program Luqi View
2015 USSOCOM Research Projects Defense Analysis McCormick, Gordon H. View
2015 USMC Training Reserves in Virtual Worlds Naval Research Program Higgins, Susan L. View
2015 USMC Distribution in the Battlespace Naval Research Program Kendall, Walter A. View
2015 USCG Deterrence Impact Modeling - 7512 (DIME) National Security Affairs Woodbury, Glen L. View
2015 ULTRASat: NPS CubeSat Launcher (NPSCuL) Flight Structure, Flight Documentation and Integration Activities Space Systems Academic Group Newman, James H. View
2015 Two Wheel Only Large Angle Attitude Slew Maneuver Controller Design and Development Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Karpenko, Mark View
2015 Tunisia International Land Border Security and Terrorism Short Course Series Defense Analysis Greenshields, Brian H. View
2015 Tunisia Border Security (International Maritime Border Security; Land-Based Border Security and Terrorism) Defense Analysis Greenshields, Brian H. View
2015 Trusted Handhelds Battlefield Use Naval Research Program Singh, Gurminder View