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2007 Collaborative Research: Dynamic and Thermodynamic Control of Tropical Intensity in Sheared Environments Meteorology Montgomery, Michael T. View
2012 Collaborative Research: Efficient Unstructured Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Global Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Modeling Applied Mathematics Giraldo, Francis X. View
2007 Collaborative Research: Environmental Variability, Bowhead Whale Distributions, and Inupiat Subsistence Whaling-Linkage and Resilience of an Alaskan Coastal System Oceanography Maslowski, Wieslaw View
2007 Collaborative Research: Estimation and Assessment of Errors in High Frequency Radar Ocean Current Measurements Oceanography Paduan, Jeffrey D. View
2021 Collaborative Research: Exploring System-Wide Events on Complex Fault Networks using Fully-Dynamic 3D Earthquake Cycle Simulations Applied Mathematics Kozdon, Jeremy E. View
2010 Collaborative Research: Fingering Convection at Low Prandtl Number Oceanography Radko, Timour View
2019 Collaborative Research: Framework: Software: HDR: Data-Driven Earth System Modeling Applied Mathematics Giraldo, Francis X. View
2016 Collaborative Research: From Loading to Dynamic Rupture - How do Fault Geometry and Material Heterogeneity Affect the Earthquake Cycle? Applied Mathematics Kozdon, Jeremy E. View
2007 Collaborative Research: ISPOL-1 Turbulent Flux Project Oceanography Stanton, Timothy P. View
2007 Collaborative Research: NBD: an Abstraction Driven Approach to Characterizing and Designing Networks with Analyzable Properties Computer Science Xie, Geoffrey G. View
2007 Collaborative Research: NETS-NBD: A Revolutionary 4D Approach to Network-Wide Control and Management Computer Science Xie, Geoffrey G. View
2007 Collaborative Research: Nearshore Canyon Experiment Oceanography Herbers, Thomas H.C. View
2014 Collaborative Research: Non-Assimilation Fusion Data and Models Oceanography Ivanov, Leonid M. View
2010 Collaborative Research: Observations and Predictions of Sand Grain Size Variability and Morphodynamics on Beaches Oceanography MacMahan, James H. View
2015 Collaborative Research: Optimizing Incentives for Carbon Capture and Storage Systems Operations Research Singham, Devaushi I. View
2012 Collaborative Research: Origin, Dynamics and Transport Characteristics of the Large-Scale Eddy-Driven Patterns Oceanography Radko, Timour View
2008 Collaborative Research: Physics of Stratocumulus Top (POST) Meteorology Wang, Qing View
2015 Collaborative Research: Polynyas, Ice Production and Seasonal Evolution in the Ross Sea (PIPERS) Meteorology Guest, Peter S. View
2019 Collaborative Research: Processes that regulate vertical accelerations in supercell updrafts Meteorology Peters, John M. View
2020 Collaborative Research: SiC Three-level Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter (THMMC) for Medium-voltage Power Conversion Applications Electrical & Computer Engineering Zhang, Di View