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2022 Preparing Engineering Duty Officers (EDO's) for Command of Major Acquisition Shore Commands and Major Acquisition Programs Naval Research Program Tick, Simona L. View
2022 Predictive Modeling for Navy Readiness Based on Resource Investment in Supply Support and Maintenance Naval Research Program Kamel, Magdi N. View
2022 Posturing Spares for Great Power Competition Naval Research Program Hauser, Margaret M. View
2022 Performance Evaluation Trait Validation Naval Research Program Helzer, Erik View
2022 Performance Evaluation Needs Assessment Naval Research Program Hartmann, Latika View
2022 Optimization of Business Processes through Digitization and Automation Naval Research Program Sullivan, Ryan View
2022 Operations Management for Veterans Administration Logistics Professionals Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Ferrer, Geraldo L. View
2022 OFRP phase variation in signature and destructive behaviors Naval Research Program Aten, Kathryn J. View
2022 Nuclear Deterrence and the Space and Cyber domains. Naval Research Program Crook, Matthew R. View
2022 Nuclear Deterrence and Arms Control Agreements between three Peer Adversaries Naval Research Program Crook, Matthew R. View
2022 New Developments for NAVSUP Inventory Simulation and Optimization Models Operations Research Salmeron-Medrano, Javier View
2022 Networked Airborne ISR&T Long Endurance - Communications Architecture (NAILE-CA) Naval Research Program Garza, Victor R. View
2022 Navy Expeditionary Readiness Cost Modeling Naval Research Program Reich, Daniel View
2022 Naval Integration into Joint Data Strategies and Architectures in JADC2 Naval Research Program Godin, Arkady A. View
2022 NESC Support for GNC Programs Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Ross, Isaac M. View
2022 MQ-25A Manned/Unmanned Teaming Naval Research Program Miller, Scot A. View
2022 Long Range Fires in Degraded and Denied Environments Naval Research Program Paulo, Eugene P. View
2022 Leveraging Naval Diplomacy to Reinforce Economic Programs and Compete with China Naval Research Program Meierding, Emily L. View
2022 Leverage AI to Learn, Optimize, and Wargame (LAILOW) for Strategic Laydown and Dispersal (SLD) of the USN Operating Forces Naval Research Program Zhao, Ying View
2022 Joint All Domain Command & Control (JADC2) Naval Research Program Nissen, Mark E. View
2022 Interdisciplinary Study of Combating Hybrid Threats Naval Research Program Temple, Daniel W. View
2022 Indications & Warning for Amphibious Ops against Taiwan: Philosophy, Methodology, Applications, Results Naval Research Program Wirtz, James J. View
2022 Implications of Two Peer Nuclear-Armed Adversaries on U.S. Deterrence Strategy and the Future of Arms Control Agreements Naval Research Program Matovski, Aleksandar View
2022 Impact of Autonomous Robot Assisted Proactive Grooming on Underwater Hull Cleanliness Naval Research Program Didoszak, Jarema M. View
2022 Hydrogen Fuel in Support of Unmanned Operations in an EABO Environment Naval Research Program Pollman, Anthony G. View
2022 Healthcare Modeling and Simulation Graduate Program Computer Science Balogh, Imre L. View
2022 Game Theory and Prescriptive Analytics for Naval Wargaming Battle Management Aids Naval Research Program Johnson, Bonnie W. View
2022 Framing Effects on Stigma and Help-Seeking Naval Research Program Gibbons, Deborah E. View
2022 FATIMA: Fog and Turbulence Interactions in the Marine Atmosphere Meteorology Wang, Qing View
2022 Extending Cognitive Assistance with AI Courses of Action Naval Research Program Runde, Sharon M. View