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2020 Graduate Level Study of Unconventional Warfare and Resistance Defense Analysis Greenshields, Brian H. View
2020 Graduate Level Study of Unconventional Warfare and Resistance Defense Analysis Rothstein, Hy S. View
2020 Graduate Certificate in Robotics Engineering Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Bingham, Brian S. View
2020 Global ECCO FY20 Defense Analysis Freeman, Michael E. View
2020 Geographical variation in civilian and military mental health resource capacity and their effects on mental health readiness of the U.S. military Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Shen, Yu-Chu View
2020 General-purpose Computing on a Neuromorphic Chip to Support Intelligence Processing at the Point of Collection Computer Science Monaco, John V. View
2020 Fuels Data Analysis Energy Academic Group (EAG) Howard, Alan R. View
2020 Fire Support Coordination Cognitive Assistant (FSCn CA) for MAGTF Operations NPS Naval Research Program Godin, Arkady A. View
2020 Field Studies Program (FSP) - DRMI FY20 Defense Resources Management Institute Webb, Natalie J. View
2020 Feasibility of underwater MEMS direction finding acoustic sensor for narrowband detection Physics McCarty, Leland View
2020 Fast Maneuvers for Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter's Zero-Gyro Control Mode - Phase III Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Karpenko, Mark View
2020 Fast Light-weight Altitude-ready Solid-state Circuit Breaker for Hybrid Electric Propulsion (FLASH) Electrical & Computer Engineering Zhang, Di View
2020 FY20 NPS Support to ISG Dean of School of International Graduate Studies Boerlage, Andrew P. View
2020 FY20 Assessing the Impacts of Competitor Influence on U.S. Security Assistance National Security Affairs Piombo, Jessica R. View
2020 FY20 Academic Program Delivery Space Control Tactics and Operations Electrical & Computer Engineering Scrofani, James W. View
2020 Exploring Capabilities and Tactics to Counter Emerging Improvised UAV Threats using Data Farming Operations Research Lucas, Thomas W. View
2020 Experimentation Design and Implementation for UWDC Research Program Information Sciences Gallup, Shelley P. View
2020 Experimental Evaluation of New Sensor Networking for Nuclear Safeguards and Inventory Monitoring Applications Information Sciences Bordetsky, Alexander B. View
2020 Examining the Causes of Delays in Acquisition: A Qualitative Analysis Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Pickar, Charles K. View
2020 Evaluating and Improving the Representation of Degraded Communications in the USMC/Army Combined Arms Analysis Tool for the 21st Century (COMBATXXI) NPS Naval Research Program Blais, Curtis L. View