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2007 Modeling Stability Operations - Research Support Defense Resources Management Institute McNab, Robert M. View
2007 Modeling Federal Aviation Administration Information Assurance Using Cyberciege Computer Science Irvine, Cynthia E. View
2007 Modeling Close Range Quick Reaction Engagements Computer Science Darken, Christian J. View
2007 Modeling CBR SA in Support of JOEF Operations Research Sanchez, Paul J. View
2007 Model Development for Predicting Rigid Body Movement in Air-Water-Sediment Columns with Fast Water Entry (STRIKE35) Oceanography Chu, Peter C. View
2007 Military Application of Optimization Operations Research Rosenthal, Richard E. View
2007 Militarization of Energy Security National Security Affairs Russell, James A. View
2007 Microstructure Evolution and Microstructure-Processing-Property Relationships in Friction Stir Processing of NiAl Bronze Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering McNelley, Terry R. View
2007 Methods for Comprehensive Satellite Analysis Meteorology Durkee, Philip A. View
2007 Meteorological Measurements in Support of a Passive Imaging System for Measuring Atmospheric Scattering in a Marine Environment Meteorology Frederickson, Paul A. View
2007 Merging Mission Preparation, Execution, and Training Through Human-Systems Integration Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simuation Institute Darken, Rudolph P. View
2007 Measurement of Molten Metal Flow Rates at High Temperatures Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Gopinath, Ashok View
2007 Maximizing the Utility of Shipboard Systems: Shipboard Missile Reloading and Integration Study Systems Engineering Green, John M. View
2007 Mathematical Modeling, Analysis and Scientific Computations of Complex Fluids Applied Mathematics Zhou, Hong View
2007 Masters of Science in Space Systems Operations (MSSSO-DL) Systems Engineering Owen, Walter E. View
2007 Master of Science in Program Management (MSPM) (836 Curriculum) Section 836-52 (Continuation) Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Naegle, Brad R. View
2007 Master of Science in Electronic Systems Engineering (Electronic Warfare) Degree Program Systems Engineering Owen, Walter E. View
2007 Master of Science in Contract Management Program Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Owen, Walter E. View
2007 Maritime Domain Awareness-Evaluation of Master Space Systems Academic Group Ross, Isaac M. View
2007 Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) CONOP to TTP Process Definition and Reengineering Employing Network Centric and Services Oriented Architectures Information Sciences Gallup, Shelley P. View