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2020 Shipboard Deployment Testing of Light Fidelity (LiFi) with Power Line Communications (PLC) NPS Naval Research Program Su, Weilian View
2020 Shipboard Hydrogen Unmanned Aerial System Operational Analysis NPS Naval Research Program Pollman, Anthony G. View
2020 Short Courses in Electrical Engineering Communications for NIWC LANT Electrical & Computer Engineering Robertson, Ralph C. View
2020 Simulation, Experimentation, and Analysis Support to The Salvo Analysis of Land-Based Anti-Ship Missiles Study Operations Research Lucas, Thomas W. View
2020 Social Network Analysis (SNA) Mobile Training team (MTT) MASL P309886 for PERU Defense Analysis Everton, Sean F. View
2020 Social Network Analysis (SNA) for Law Enforcement (LE) Defense Analysis Everton, Sean F. View
2020 Social Network Analysis, Connectedness, Intrinsic Motivation, and the Effect on Sailor Retention NPS Naval Research Program Thomas, Gail F. View
2020 Software Development Now and in the Cloud – A Case Study NPS Naval Research Program Albing, Carl View
2020 Sputtering system for MEMS Directional Acoustic Sensor Microfabrication Physics Alves, Fabio D. View
2020 State Department Policy Planning National Security Affairs Kapur, Samir P. View
2020 States of Light for Quantum Sensing-(Theory) Electrical & Computer Engineering Mimih, Jihane View
2020 States of Light for Quantum Sensing-Experiment Physics Narducci, Francesco A. View
2020 Structural Analysis of 3D Printed Polymeric Materials and Associated Orientation-Dependent Mechanical Properties NPS Naval Research Program Nieto, Andy View
2020 Study Return on Investment NPS Naval Research Program Mun, Johnathan C. View
2020 Supply & Maintenance Predictive Modeling and Simulation Analysis Tool NPS Naval Research Program Zhao, Ying View
2020 Support for C2 Tech Bridge Defense Analysis Manuel, Christopher E. View
2020 Support for Development of Systems Engineering Systems Engineering Whitcomb, Clifford A. View
2020 Support for Surface Ship Drydock Schedule Planner Operations Research Lin, Kyle Y. View
2020 Support to the Naval Supply Systems Command Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Ferrer, Geraldo L. View
2020 Sustaining our Submarine Forces for Phase 0 and Phase II in a Contested Environment Against Peer and Near Peer Countries NPS Naval Research Program Veronneau, Simon View