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2021 Vector Sensor Performance from Moored and Drifting Platforms Physics Smith, Kevin B. View
2021 Virtual Environment to Support Ocean Robotics Computer Science McCarrin, Michael R. View
2021 Virtual Environments to Support Development of Underwater Autonomy, Phase 2 Consortium for Robotics & Unmanned Systems Education & Research Bingham, Brian S. View
2021 Virtual School House Computer Science Balogh, Imre L. View
2021 Warfighting Readiness PESTONI Study NPS Naval Research Program O'Halloran, Bryan M. View
2021 Wargaming Analysis Automated Simulation System Prototype Research and Development Project Operations Research Appleget, Jeffrey A. View
2021 Weapon Systems Safety When Deploying AI Technology NPS Naval Research Program Berzins, Valdis A. View
2021 Women, Peace and Security Phase 3B ToT Workshop Peru Defense Analysis Christensen, Nathan P. View
2021 Women, Peace, and Security & Strategic Deterrence Report Defense Analysis Christensen, Nathan P. View
2022 5th Generation Maintainer Augmented Reality Tool Capability Sprint and Assessment Computer Science Balogh, Imre L. View
2022 A Technical Roadmap for Autonomy for Marine Future Vertical Lift (FVL) Naval Research Program Miller, Scot A. View
2022 Additive Manufacturing of High Density Solid Fuels for Air Breathing Combustion Applications Naval Research Program Gunduz, Ibrahim E. View
2022 Advancing the Application of Design of Experiments (DOE) to Synthetic Theater Operations Research Model (STORM) Data Naval Research Program Sanchez, Susan M. View
2022 Analysis of Pathways to Reach Net-Zero Naval Operations by 2050 Naval Research Program Fletcher, Kristen View
2022 Assessment of Nighttime Airborne Visual ASW Capability Naval Research Program Yakimenko, Oleg A. View
2022 Australian Defence Forces (ADF) Joint Experimentation Basic and Advanced Analytic Wargaming Courses Operations Research Appleget, Jeffrey A. View
2022 Bayesian Search Study for USW Naval Research Program Szechtman, Roberto View
2022 Behavioral Techniques for Improved Performance and Recovery during Sustained Stressful Periods Naval Research Program Tick, Simona L. View
2022 Bento Box - Modular/Recoverable Stratospheric Balloon Capabilities to Support Distributed Maritime Operations Naval Research Program Lan, Wenschel D. View
2022 Bipartite Graph Learning for Autonomous Task-to-Sensor Optimization Naval Research Program Karpenko, Mark View
2022 Botswain USV Wave Risk Assessment System Systems Engineering Papoulias, Fotis A. View
2022 CNO Ship Availability Maintenance Team Workload and Manning Naval Research Program Beery, Paul T. View
2022 COTS AI/ML Technology for Data Fusion and Track Management Naval Research Program Garza, Victor R. View
2022 Capturing Risk in Capital Budgeting Naval Research Program Mun, Johnathan C. View
2022 Clandestine Mine Countermeasures Optimization for Autonomy and Risk Assessment Naval Research Program Kragelund, Sean P. View
2022 Commander + Strategically Aligned Leadership Team (C+SALT) program for Navy Legal Services, OJAG Center for Executive Education McAnally, Winli View
2022 Common Message Sets Across Data Links Naval Research Program Wood, Brian P. View
2022 Competition with Iran In A Constrained Resource Environment Naval Research Program Ostovar, Afshon P. View
2022 Condition-Based Maintenance Implementation and Potential in USMC Ground Transport Naval Research Program Regnier, Eva D. View
2022 Considerations for Cross Domain / Mission Resource Allocation and Replanning Naval Research Program Johnson, Bonnie W. View