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2020 Mobile Education Team Basic Analytic Wargaming Course Operations Research Appleget, Jeffrey A. View
2020 Mobile International Defense Management Course (MIDMC) for Bosnia-Herzegovina FY20-FY21 Defense Resources Management Institute Webb, Natalie J. View
2020 Mobile Telecommunications Fundamentals Course Development Electrical & Computer Engineering McEachen, II, John C. View
2020 Model-Based Systems Engineering Support for Marine Corps Systems Command Systems Engineering Vaneman, Warren K. View
2020 Modeling Compound Threats to Interdependent Infrastructure Systems on Naval Installations Operations Research Eisenberg, Daniel A. View
2020 Modeling Support for Siren Project Physics Smith, Kevin B. View
2020 Modeling Trust and Risk in USV operations NPS Naval Research Program Kress, Moshe View
2020 Modeling and Simulation of Naval Directed Energy Weapons Engagements NPS Naval Research Program Johnson, Bonnie W. View
2020 Modeling the Fundamental Limits of Multi-INT Smallsat Constellations for Cooperative Collection Electrical & Computer Engineering Williamson, William View
2020 Modeling the Operational Value of Data Fusion on ASW and Other Missions NPS Naval Research Program Miller, Scot A. View
2020 Modeling, Simulation, and Experimentation to Examine and Improve Combat Active Replacement Factors (CARF) NPS Naval Research Program Hernandez, Alejandro D.S. View
2020 Modeling, Virtual Environments and Simulation (MOVES) Curriculum and Research Computer Science Balogh, Imre L. View
2020 Modular Prepolymer Systems for Tunable Solid Rocket Motor Binders Physics Mason, Brian P. View
2020 Moldova Critical Network & Energy Security Education Program Energy Academic Group (EAG) Howard, Alan R. View
2020 N9I Chair of Systems Engineering Analysis (SEA) Support Systems Engineering Boensel, Matthew G. View
2020 NASA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Technical Discipline Team Support Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Ross, Isaac M. View
2020 NASA Support for GNC Programs Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Ross, Isaac M. View
2020 NAVEUR implications of the current EUCOM’s POL Capability & Capacity NPS Naval Research Program Ferrer, Geraldo L. View
2020 NAVSEA Ship Design Chair Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Hobson, Garth V. View
2020 NC3 Space Courses - FY20-21 Academic Program Delivery Support Space Systems Academic Group Newman, James H. View
2020 NCC Ethics Curriculum Defense Analysis Strawser, Bradley J. View
2020 NIWC Pacific Training Support Service Joint Interagency Field Experimentation Program Buettner, Jr., Raymond R. View
2020 NPS ASW Certificate Program Undersea Warfare Academic Group Ellis, Winford G. View
2020 NPS Academic Research Support for Army Acquisition Systems Engineering Hernandez, Alejandro D.S. View
2020 NPS Twin Otter Research Proposal for ONR Projects in 2020 Meteorology Bucholtz, Anthony View
2020 NPS Wargaming Support Tasks Operations Research Appleget, Jeffrey A. View
2020 NR&DE Cyber Security Defense Certificate 2020-2021: (Curriculum 258) Computer Science Irvine, Cynthia E. View
2020 NR&DE Distributed Virtual School House M&S Campus (VSH-MSC) Computer Science Balogh, Imre L. View
2020 NSA AY2020 Q2-Q4 Computer Science Education Program Computer Science Irvine, Cynthia E. View
2020 NSA Cyber Centers of Excellence Support Electrical & Computer Engineering Dinolt, George W. View