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2019 Research in support of Cyber and Systems Engineering Concerns for PEO C4I Information Sciences Boger, Dan C. View
2019 Retention Rates influenced by Marine Corps Pay Incentives (Continuation) NPS Naval Research Program Bacolod, Marigee P. View
2019 Rising to the Top: Armed Group Consolidation in Civil Wars and Fragile States National Security Affairs Hafez, Mohammed M. View
2019 Robust Modeling & Simulation to Support Medium Displacement Unmanned Surface Vehicle (MDUSV) Mission Set Development NPS Naval Research Program Paulo, Eugene P. View
2019 Rotating Detonation Engine for Rocket Propulsion Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Brophy, Christopher M. View
2019 Russian Federation A2AD posture NPS Naval Research Program Abenheim, Donald View
2019 Russian and Iranian Naval Cooperation in the Caspian Sea NPS Naval Research Program Ostovar, Afshon P. View
2019 SCSEP/LDESP National Guard State Partnership Programs Center for Civil-Military Relations Hussey, Benjamin T. View
2019 SEPHIR: Space Environment Prediction with High Resolution – A Game-Changing New Thermosphere/Ionosphere Prediction System for Operational DoD Applicant Applied Mathematics Giraldo, Francis X. View
2019 SMDC Ground Station Support Space Systems Academic Group Minelli, Giovanni View
2019 STORMMiner Adaptation / CARF Study Support Operations Research Sanchez, Susan M. View
2019 SaTC: EDU: Labtainers Framework Extensions Computer Science Irvine, Cynthia E. View
2019 Seawater Battery Testing Oceanography Joseph, John E. View
2019 Security Gaps of Husbanding Service Providers (HSPS) and Viability of HSPS in Major Theater Conflict NPS Naval Research Program Ferrer, Geraldo L. View
2019 Simulation and Modeling of Ionospheric Scintillation for NC3 Physics Smithtro, Christopher G. View
2019 Site Survey for Civil-Military Relations in Central African Republic Center for Civil-Military Relations Hussey, Benjamin T. View
2019 Small Satellite Mission Development and Design-to-Operations Electrical & Computer Engineering Scrofani, James W. View
2019 Social Network Analysis and High Velocity Learning NPS Naval Research Program Thomas, Gail F. View
2019 Social Network Analysis for Law Enforcement Defense Analysis Everton, Sean F. View
2019 Social Network Analysis for Stadium Security Defense Analysis Everton, Sean F. View
2019 Sociotechnical System Evaluation of Naval Aviation Policies, Guidance, Training Events, and Training Systems NPS Naval Research Program Holness, Karen View
2019 Space Systems Certificate (SSC - 273) Statistical Account Space Systems Academic Group Tackett, Stephen H. View
2019 Space Systems Curricula and Thesis Support Space Systems Academic Group Newman, James H. View
2019 Special Programs and Warfighter Engagement Defense Analysis Budden, Nancy A. View
2019 Square Dance Ground Station Support and Development of Software-Defined-Radio Software Space Systems Academic Group Newman, James H. View
2019 Strategic Plan Implementation Support for Defense Technology Security Administration Defense Resources Management Institute Webb, Natalie J. View
2019 Strategic Stability & Nuclear Risk Reduction - Brazil National Security Affairs Darnton, Christopher View
2019 Strategic and Operational Systems Dynamics Modeling for the Indonesian Naval Technology Collage Defense Analysis Porter, Wayne View
2019 Strategies and Tactics for Co-orbital Threats Systems Engineering Yakimenko, Oleg A. View
2019 Strategies for Large-Scale Active IPv6 Mapping Measurement (SLAMM) Computer Science Beverly, Robert E. View