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2009 Developing a Reliable Leading Indicator of Mishaps Operations Research O'Connor, Paul View
2011 Statistical Tasks in Support of the Board of Inspection and Survey Operations Research Fricker, Jr., Ronald D. View
2012 JWAC Chair at NPS Operations Research Appleget, Jeffrey A. View
2012 Optimization of Sensor Operation for Search, Surveillance, and Rapid Accurate Decision Making in Maritime, Littoral, and Urban Environments Operations Research Atkinson, Michael P. View
2014 United States Southern Command Joint Technology Capabilities Demonstration Operational Test Agency Support Information Sciences Gallup, Shelley P. View
2015 Thermal Imaging Counter UAS Information Sciences Jaeger, Alan W. View
2016 Cyber Grand Challenge Computer Science Eagle, Christopher S. View
2019 Ptd: Protection of Children (PoC) – ToT Workshop (ENOPU, Uruguay) Defense Analysis Karimova, Tahmina T. View
2019 Development of a SWOS-Specific Stress Inoculation Training Program Operations Research Shattuck, Nita L. View
2021 Machine Learning based own Ship Acoustic Monitoring (OSAM) Computer Science Orescanin, Marko View
2008 A Value-Based Optimization Approach for Programming the Army's Total Obligation Authority Operations Research Nussbaum, Daniel A. View
2008 Improving and Incorporating Cost Estimating and Analysis Into Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrations (ACTDS) Operations Research Nussbaum, Daniel A. View
2010 Chair of Warfare Innovation for Sea Trial Experimentation, Analysis, and Research Initiatives Operations Research Otte, Douglas View
2011 Options for American Strategic Influence in the Western Pacific Operations Research Hughes, Jr., Wayne P. View
2012 Modeling the Dynamics of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in a "Cultural Prism" - Phase V Operations Research Atkinson, Michael P. View
2013 Seminar on Trans-Atlantic Civil Security Course Operations Research Bellenkes, Andrew H. View
2012 AEA and Joint Electronic Attack and Compatibility Office Program Information Sciences Jaeger, Alan W. View
2014 Vigilant Hammer Information Sciences Jaeger, Alan W. View
2016 EDU: Collaborative: Re-Energizing K-12 Extramural Programs with Security Activities Computer Science Gondree, Mark A. View
2019 Corrosive Cynicism: Implications for the Officer Corps Defense Analysis Simons, Anna View