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2021 Populating NAVIR simulations with cloud simulation data Meteorology Peters, John M. View
2021 Performance Impacts on Unmanned Vehicle and Sensor Capabilities for Standoff Mine Detection in the Very Shallow Water, Surf Zone, and Beach Zone NPS Naval Research Program Klamo, Joseph View
2021 Outreach Coordination Space Systems Academic Group Newman, James H. View
2021 Organic Precision Fires - Infantry - Light - Foreign Comparative Test Joint Interagency Field Experimentation Program Buettner, Jr., Raymond R. View
2021 Optimizing Large Financial Portfolios NPS Naval Research Program Huang, Jefferson View
2021 Optimized Replenishment At Sea (RAS) Scheduling For Military Sealift Command's Combat Logistics Force Operations Research Carlyle, William M. View
2021 Optimization of Engine Depot Readiness Assessment Model (EDRAM) NPS Naval Research Program Huang, Jefferson View
2021 Optimization of Airframe Depot Readiness Assessment Model (ADRAM) NPS Naval Research Program MacKinnon, Douglas J. View
2021 Optimal Scheduling of Ship Maintenance Availabilities Operations Research Lin, Kyle Y. View
2021 Optimal Munitions Mix for USMC Mobile Anti-Ship Missiles Launcher NPS Naval Research Program Kress, Moshe View
2021 Optical Turbulence Measurements and Modeling in Support of High Energy Laser Experiments Physics Blau, Joseph A. View
2021 Opportunities for Influence in Central Asia Defense Analysis Robinson, Glenn E. View
2021 Operations Management for Veterans Administration Logistics Professionals Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Ferrer, Geraldo L. View
2021 Operationalizing Naval Special Warfare/Special Operations Forces for the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Mission NPS Naval Research Program Volpe, Tristan View
2021 Operational Analysis and CONOPS Definition for Next Generation Mine Warfare NPS Naval Research Program Beery, Paul T. View
2021 Open-Source Development: Business Case and ROI Information Sciences Mun, Johnathan C. View
2021 Ocean Harvest Synthetic Aperture Radar Training Electrical & Computer Engineering Garren, David A. View
2021 OUSD (A&S) Sponsored AIRC Projects Graduate School of Business & Public Policy Mortlock, Robert F. View
2021 Nuclear Officer Bonus & Incentive Pay (NOBIP) and Retention NPS Naval Research Program Hermis, Judith M. View
2021 North Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration (JCTD) Independent Assessor (IA) Information Sciences Wood, Brian P. View