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2011 Project and Development of Autonomous Floating Spacecraft Simulators Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Romano, Marcello View
2011 Project on Nuclear Issues: Nuclear Forensics, Subtask II National Security Affairs Clunan, Anne L. View
2011 Project on Nuclear Issues: Social Media Technologies National Security Affairs Clunan, Anne L. View
2011 Projects on Nuclear Issues National Security Affairs Leavitt, Sandra R. View
2011 Pseudospectral Feedback Control for Space Applications Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Ross, Isaac M. View
2011 Psychomotor Task Performance of Humans Exposed to Motion and Fatigue Operations Research Shattuck, Nita L. View
2011 Public Perspectives on Security and Defense in Latin America National Security Affairs Trinkunas, Harold A. View
2011 Puckster Partial Automation Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simuation Institute Darken, Christian J. View
2011 Pulse and Rotating Detonation Combustion Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Brophy, Christopher M. View
2011 Quantitative Capabilities-Based Assessment for Naval Combatant Ship Design Through Modeling and Simulation Systems Engineering Paulo, Eugene P. View
2011 Railgun Power Supply Electrical & Computer Engineering Julian, Alexander L. View
2011 Real-Time Optimal Guidance for PGS: Phase 1A Space Systems Academic Group Ross, Isaac M. View
2011 Recapitalizing the NPS Military Wireless Communications Research and Experimentation Capability Cebrowski Institute Xie, Geoffrey G. View
2011 Regional Educational Program in Support of the African Partnership Center National Security Affairs Piombo, Jessica R. View
2011 Regional Numerical Weather Prediction for Aerosol Modeling Meteorology Chang, Chih-Pei View
2011 Reinforced Infantry Battalion Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) Study Technical Support Operations Research Alderson, Jr., David L. View
2011 Relationship Between Morphology and Hydrodynamics Below Arctic Sea Ice in the Vicinity of a Pressure Ridge Keel Oceanography Stanton, Timothy P. View
2011 Remotely Triggered Vehicle Mounted IFF (FVMIFF): Evaluation and Field Demonstration of Integrated Day-Night Device Physics Haegel, Nancy M. View
2011 Requirements for Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations Computer Science Dinolt, George W. View
2011 Research Support to Hybrid Knowledge Framework for Complex Operations Global Public Policy Academic Group Guttieri, Karen R. View