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2007 Application of Parallel Ocean and Climate Models to Decade/Century Prediction Oceanography Maslowski, Wieslaw View
2010 Wave-Current Interactions in Coastal Inlets and River Mouths Oceanography Herbers, Thomas H.C. View
2010 Talon Dark Mirror Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Ross, Isaac M. View
2011 Nanomaterials Architectures for Ballistic Armor Applications Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Luhrs, Claudia C. View
2012 Accuracy Model Improvement Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Driels, Morris R. View
2013 Science of Multi-INT (SOMI) Community of Interest Support Electrical & Computer Engineering Scrofani, James W. View
2014 FY14 SOMI Development Support Electrical & Computer Engineering Scrofani, James W. View
2015 Naval Space Systems Engineering and Acquisition Chair Space Systems Academic Group Panholzer, Rudolf View
2016 Development of Flexible Buoyant Body Armor Physics Gamache, Raymond View
2019 Adaptive Optics Center of Excellence (AOCOE) (Cost-Effective Large Aperture Imaging Satellites) Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Agrawal, Jr., Brij N. View
2020 MEMS Underwater Directional Acoustic Sensor Physics Karunasiri, Gamani View
2021 Sundowner Winds Experiment (SWEX) Meteorology Bucholtz, Anthony View
2021 MC3 Network: 2021-22 Mission Operations Space Systems Academic Group Minelli, Giovanni View
2007 Seaweb Technology for Naval Special Warfare Physics Rice, Joseph A. View
2007 Investigation of Explosive Power Amplification by Concentric Slapper Initiation Physics Brown, Ronald E. View
2008 Core Mooring Data Support Oceanography Paduan, Jeffrey D. View
2010 High Fidelity Active Sonar Simulation for Improved Synthetic Training Oceanography Jones, Benjamin A. View
2009 Pseudospectral Feedback Control for Space Applications Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Ross, Isaac M. View
2011 Underwater Crack Repairs in HY-80 Structural Steel by Friction Stir Welding (FSW) Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering McNelley, Terry R. View
2013 Evaluating the Utility of Robotic Technologies for Joint Human-Robot Missions Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Du Toit, Noel E. View