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2017 DGMT Defense Institution Building Program Center for Civil-Military Relations Hussey, Benjamin T. View
2017 Cybersecurity Figure of Merit (CFOM) Cyber Readiness Assessment Naval Research Program Maule, Randy W. View
2017 CyberInfrastructure (DEVEP)/CyberSecurity Information Technology & Communication Services LoPiccolo, Joseph R. View
2017 CyberCIEGE Development Support II for NAVSEA Computer Science Irvine, Cynthia E. View
2017 Cyber Software Electrical & Computer Engineering Staples, Zachary H. View
2017 Cyber Maneuver '17 Electrical & Computer Engineering Staples, Zachary H. View
2017 Cyber Engagement '17 Electrical & Computer Engineering Staples, Zachary H. View
2017 Cyber Endeavour 2017 Defense Analysis Rothstein, Hy S. View
2017 Cyber Deterrence Workshop Defense Analysis Strawser, Bradley J. View
2017 Critical Vulnerabilities in the Space Domain: Using Cube Satellites to Protect the Modern American Way of War Space Systems Academic Group Swintek, Philip View
2017 Courses and Customizable Labs to Teach ICS Security Computer Science Irvine, Cynthia E. View
2017 Coupling Performance of a Rotating Detonation Engine (RDE) Turbine System. Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Brophy, Christopher M. View
2017 Cost-Effective Large Aperture Imaging Satellites (Adaptive Optics Center of Excellence) Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Agrawal, Jr., Brij N. View
2017 Control Allocation over Uncertain Influence Matrices Space Systems Academic Group Proulx, Ronald J. View
2017 Context-Rich Predictors for Self-Reflective Autonomy: Variational Foundations Operations Research Royset, Johannes O. View
2017 Content and Requirements Analysis of Continuous Maintenance Availability (CMAV) Late Work Systems Engineering Holness, Karen View
2017 Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research Consortium for Robotics & Unmanned Systems Education & Research Buettner, Jr., Raymond R. View
2017 Configurable Fault-Tolerant Architectures (CFTP) Electrical & Computer Engineering Newman, James H. View
2017 Combat Modeling, Analysis and Training (OAD CY2017) Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simulation Institute Balogh, Imre L. View
2017 Combat Identification Naval Research Program Boger, Dan C. View