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Wargaming Week

Date: Jun 5, 2023 to Jun 9, 2023
Location: NPS Campus 

NPS wargaming teams will conduct eight wargames as a capstone to this quarter’s wargaming coursework and training that has included over 50 students from Operations Research, Defense Analysis, and the Modeling Virtual Environments and Simulations (MOVES) Institute.  Three of the wargames are classified. 

Wargaming week is truly a cross-campus multi-discipline effort. Players often come from the NPS faculty and student population.


For those interested in observing:  We do not recommend that someone new to wargaming should attempt to observe an entire wargame. One way to observe would be to attend the in-brief to see what the wargame is about, see a turn or two sometime later on after the wargame is in full swing so you understand how the wargame works (does not have to be the first turn, as that turn usually takes a while as the players are getting familiar with the wargame) and then attend the quick-look report to get the top-level findings of the wargame!

See the Wargaming Week schedule for the details of each wargame.


If you would like to attend any of these wargames, please contact the POCs named in the flyers.

If you have questions about the course or other wargaming questions, please contact Professor Jeff Appleget.

Naval Innovation Exchange (NIX) Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IAS) Exploration Workshop

Date: Jun 8, 2023 to Jun 10, 2023
Time: 0800-1700
Location: NPS Campus in Monterey 

With the overarching design challenge “How might we identify and prioritize intelligent autonomous systems (IAS) research and development opportunities of the most interest to Naval leadership and align work with affiliated warfare center projects and industry partners?” Small teams of junior officers, academic subject matter experts, and engineers from warfare centers will explore this future problem space, and with tools of warfighter-centered design will generate prioritized lists of opportunities for mutually beneficial projects. The four focus areas include: 1) Role of IAS in Contested Logistics, 2) Best Practices in IAS Research and Acquisition, 3) Strategic Integration of IAS in Mission Sets, and 4) IAS NEXT Technology & Workforce. Please note that this opportunity is only available to NPS students, faculty, DoD personnel and contractors.

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