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null Stanford Publishes Book by Former NSA Student

December 1, 2018

After earning his master’s in the NSA Department in 2006, Ty Groh, U.S. Air Force, went on to complete his doctorate at Georgetown University in 2010. NSA Associate Prof. Anne Clunan served as the external member of his committee. Stanford University Press has just published his doctoral dissertation as a book, Proxy War: The Least Bad Option. While the United States has indirectly intervened in international conflicts on a relatively large scale for decades, little is known about the immediate usefulness or long-term effectiveness of contemporary proxy warfare. When neither direct military involvement or complete disengagement are not viable, Groh finds that proxy warfare is the least bad of the bad options available. He explains the hazards and rewards of this strategy and how to deploy it effectively through an examination of ten understudied and uncommon cases. Also, he presents a complete theoretical model of proxy warfare that can be applied to a wide range of situations. Proxy warfare is increasingly likely, and Groh provides the necessary insight to understand how and when to deploy it.

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