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Prof Tom Young on Challenges in Post-Communist European Defense Institutions

By Catherine L. Grant
December 4, 2016

Dr. Tom Young has recently published two articles related to challenges of reform in post-Communist European defense institutions. The first, “The Challenge of Reforming European Communist Legacy ‘Logistics,’” was published in August in The Journal of Slavic Military Studies. In the article, Dr. Young explains there are challenges of why progress of logistics reform in post-Communist-legacy defense institutions has been slow. His first argument is that a significant impediment to logistics reform is a lack of appreciation by officials, particularly from the West, of how antithetical to Western counterparts the legacy logistics concepts are. His second argument is “reform of legacy logistics organizations will not follow from attention and resources directed at tactical-level formations and importing the expeditionary logistics concept.”


The second article, titled “Impediments to Reform in European Post-Communist Defense Institutions” and published in October in Problems of Post-Communism, makes similar arguments. In this article, Dr. Young explains why Western democratic and communist defense military concepts are antithetical. He also provides evidence demonstrating legacy concepts to be “very much both actively and passively evident in European post-communist defense institutions.” 


The third article, titled "Is the US's PPBS Applicable to European Post-Communist Defence Institutions?" and published in December in The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Journal, focuses on the attempt to plan and create a modern financial system in Central and Eastern Europe using exported versions of the Department of Defense's planning, programming, and budgeting systems (PPBS). The goal of producing viable defence plans was unsuccessful due to a lack of policy. In this publication, Dr. Durell Young argues that policy (and its influence over programming) is the only way to plan and create a successful system.


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