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null NSA Student Article in MC Gazette Calls for Technology in Moderation

November 5, 2019

Former NSA student, Captain YiCheng Garrard, has written an article titled “Technology: Revolutionary in Moderation, Fatal in Excess,” published in the October 2019 version of the Marine Corps Gazette. In the article, Capt. Garrard contends that “the most pressing challenge facing the Marine Corps in future operating environments—and that exposes it to detection and targeting—is its over reliance on networked-enabled command and control (C2).” Not only are data-heavy applications of technology logistically taxing, they increase emission of signals, which can make Marines vulnerable to detection and targeting by the enemy. Garrard isn’t suggestion abandoning technology; rather, he suggests shifting the usage and installation paradigm.

Capt. Garrard is in the Foreign Area Officer Program and is currently studying at the Defense Language Institute. Once he completes his studies in December 2020, he will graduate from the program.

To read the article, click here.