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NSA Professor Scott Jasper Advocates for Automated Cyber Defense

October 28, 2017

NSA Professor Scott Jasper recently had an article published in The Diplomat and another in The National Interest, both on cyber defense. In the article in The Diplomat, titled “Russia Sanctions Are Insufficient: Use Active Cyber Defense,” he advocates the use of active cyber defense as an answer to cyber threats, such as those emanating from Russia or North Korea. A strategy of active cyber defense combines internal systemic resilience to halt cyber attack progress with external disruption capacities to thwart a malicious actors’ objectives. Jasper argues active cyber defense will be more effective than economic sanctions or diplomatic expulsions.

Recently, Professor Jasper spoke at CyCon US in Washington, DC as part of a panel on cyber deterrence; he spoke on about the insufficiency of current strategies. He offered in response the use of automated cyber defenses that halt attacks before damage is inflicted. Based on defeating global ransomware attacks, his arguments are presented in an online article in The National Interest titled “Russia and Ransomware: Stop the Act, Not the Actor.”

To read the article in The Diplomat, click here

To read the article in The National Interest, click here.