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NSA’s Dr. Chris Matei Explores Chilean Intelligence after Pinochet

By Catherine L. Grant
February 15, 2017

NSA’s Dr. Cris Matei, along with coauthor Dr. Andrés de Castro García, has recently had an article published in International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence. The article, titled “Chilean Intelligence after Pinochet: Painstaking Reform of an Inauspicious Legacy,” explores whether Chile is a successful case of intelligence democratization. To answer questions such as have Chile’s intelligence agencies successfully wiped out the stigma associated with the former military dictatorship’s ruthless past and has Chile established both transparent and effective intelligence agencies, fostering the development of an intelligence culture in the country, the authors first discuss the historical background of the Chilean military dictatorship and the role of intelligence. Moreover, they also discuss efforts of successive post-Pinochet governments regarding intelligence democratization and also whether Chile has achieved progress in institutionalizing its intelligence culture.

To read the article, click here.